Note To Skinheads: “Read Label Before Opening A Can Of Whupass.”

A North Idaho Skinhead who allegedly threatened to stab a black man has entered a “no contest” plea to a hate crime charge and become the virtual poster child for STUPID BIGOTS.”

Daren Abbey, (mugshot courtesy Kootenai county)

Prosecutors said that Daren Abbey, a self-proclaimed skinhead sporting neo-Nazi tats threatened to stab a black man, saying “blacks were not welcome in Bayview and he had better leave before something happened,” according to police. Abbey then allegedly poked the victim in the chest, but neglected to read the message on the man’s T-shirt: “Spokane Boxing Club Champion.”

Our thanks to the Kootenai County Sheriff’s office for the mugshot and the Boise WEEKLY for noting the Coeur d’Alene Press story.

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  1. Another way to put this is: “Skinhead fails IQ test”.

  2. I am surprised this nut job looks this “pretty”.

    Clearly the “victim” pulled his punches or else there would have been some really nasty lumps all over this guys face along with a few pop-knots on top of his head.

  3. Grumpy ole guy
    Aug 27, 2012, 10:11 pm

    I really disappoint myself by finding this so funny. Thanks from the grin.

  4. Natural consequences are always the best.

  5. It does not get any better than this. Based on the photo the victim must have a pretty good left hook. 🙂

  6. The incident happened back in July 2011. He entered his plea in December and sentenced in June 2012.

    FYI- The victim may not of been the Spokane Box Club Champ.

    EDITOR N OTE–Totally correct on all counts Clancy. We just couldn’t resist having fun with the story which was new to us at the time.

  7. Wake up Idaho. Racism is your heritage. Much of Idaho was settled in the late 1860s by defeated Confederates looking to flee the victorious Union. Look it up. These are your forefathers.

  8. Go blow Pat.

    Skinheads are a fairly new development; post WWII originating in England, not rooted in 1860s America.

    Furthermore, the Confederate heritage you mention was a long time ago, and racism/slavery was a very minor issue of our Civil War. It had a lot more to do with money/banking/industry/foreign trade/northern power base. Some say the emancipation of slaves was designed to be an economic penalty imposed by Lincoln on the South rather than some big social issue as taught in todays school room. The south lost the war due to their lack of core manufacturing industry and poor European trade conections. The loss of the slaves after the war kept them down for years to come, allowing the North to rebuild its power in the war’s aftermath (as it remains today). The entire country was very “racist” both north and south at that time, and remained so for decades beyond. The history of the Civil War has be recreated in recent times by those who have social agendas and law firms pushing the reparations guilt trip.

    Today, racism remains alive and well throughout America… some say even in the Whitehouse today. It is no longer a “whites only” disease. It is now widely known to have many forms and many colors. I can’t wait for those who make a living by pointing out America’s racial differences, on TV and in print, to be too old to function. They damage America for personal gain by fanning smoldering coals. They are hardly any better than the featured scumbag on this post. In Idaho a jury of all whites has regularly jailed dirtbags like this one. So sorry if you must rewrite a textbook stereotype of Idaho and those who live here. I recommend un-chaining your mind by turning off CNN and putting down the NYT and becoming better informed.

  9. Howard Beale
    Aug 30, 2012, 11:45 am

    Well said Zippo!

    Sounds like Pat is still living in CA or NY or MA or wherever he/she is from!

  10. Try being a brown guy (Indian) and growing up in Canyon County. You have no idea what you are talking about Zip.
    Bet you never had a cross burned on your lawn like my dad did.

  11. Try being a white guy in Canyon county dog! Why is crime so high out there anyway?

    Like I said, that was then, this is now… It was your dad, not you. Sure, it’s still going on to some extent, it probably always will… but now the sociologist are moving beyond the political correctness of the past few decades and recognizing that it’s not just something whites do. Black vs. Brown in LA is a great example.

    USA is currently less than 50% white. White birth rate is also very low. Yet several decades from now we will still have racial issues. Will it still be because of the slave trade then? I’m just hoping we get rid of the dirtbags that make a living off of exploiting the problem. They keep something fired up that might calm down otherwise. They attribute the issue to the race with the most money, and to entire populations when the problem is perhaps just a few that NOBODY likes. Keep in mind that the leaders of this country are almost entirely rich white guys, yet look at the progress since the Civil War. So, when somebody says crap to me like Pat did, it feels like I’m expected to pay the neighbor’s gas bill all the way back to the Civil War.

  12. Zip, I suppose you don’t think we owe anything to American Indians for what America did to the people fighting terrorism since 1492. Lets take it way back.
    Broken treatys, kicked off tribal land, forced Christianity, forced to speak English, wipe out food supply, provide TB infected blankets. I could go on and on. All you care about is your greed and what you think is yours.
    Suppose you think it was OK to take away American citizens of Japanese descent , property and land, and lock them up in camps in WW2. At least they were protected from bigots like you.

  13. and if we all followed your belief there dog, all white males would be extinct wouldn’t they….
    You do not fight racism with more racism; you are no different than the man whose photo is at the top of this page.
    most people in this country today were not there in 1492, so get over it

  14. Dog, Humanity is a very inhumane entity. Do you also recall how nasty natives were to other natives? My personal heritage is a direct result of native vs. native fighting in the eastern states.

    And please let me know of anywhere and anytime in the history of the world other than the modern westernized world in which the conquered people still exist at all, much less have massively-huge tracts of tax free land and lots of benefits as a result of their having lost territorial wars to a technologically and numerically superior force. Yes unfortunately the conquering force was also inferior in so many other ways, but it could have been the Spaniards or the Russians instead comrade.

    In terms of this kind of argument; we live in a less than perfect world, but it is as good as it has ever been. I support mending of wounds rather than creating new ones. But some people can never be pleased. Some people will never be happy. They often look like the jerk in the picture above, but sometimes they wear a suit and a title and claim some credible reason for taking from one and giving to another.

    We probably will never agree, I wish you well, let us move on as we are making the natives restless. AND we have bigger fish to fry. I hear the TSA is going to be doing door security at Wal-Mart soon, and I’ve never seen them change gloves or wash their hands.

  15. Dog…where do you get the idea that Zippo is a bigot? Nowhere in any of his posts does he come across as a bigot.

    On to the real subject here…the stupid bigot that got his
    ass kicked by his intended victim because he neglected to read the guy’s shirt. Now that is hilarious. Especially for me, as I am a skinhead. Before you go jumping to conclusions and thinking that all skinheads are racist, do your homework.

  16. By the way….if you don’t know what SHARP is, look it up.

  17. Idaho does have a long history with secessionists from the Civil War. I think Pat made a good point. Pat doesn’t blow. The sentiments of “War of Northern Agression” as it’s called in the South is alive and well and at least down there everyone understands what the rules are. Racisim in Idaho is the passive agressive kind unless overt like Neo Nazis and KKK types. Most of those have moved over to Montana and remarkably a number in Oregon.
    I don’t have a problem with skins, just racists.

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