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Proud Of Bronco Fans And Boise


Back in 1965 when I flunked out of Michigan State it was particularly traumatic because I was unable to take the much touted CO-ED Canoeing class. I ended up in Vietnam and three years later came to Boise to start a new life working for the DAILY PAPER.

Over the Labor Day Weekend I just couldn’t resist the trip back to my point of origin in Lansing to watch the BSU-MSU game. Only when I was sitting in a sea of orange BSU shirts among 76,000 spectators did it hit me: I had never sat in that stadium–always in the press box or on the sidelines with a camera, either on assignment or helping my Dad as he covered the Spartans for the local State Journal newspaper. The orange shirts actually made me feel more at home than being in Lansing after 44 years in Boise.

Even after I flunked out, the MSU band hired me to be their photographer for the trip to the Rose Bowl New Years Day 1966.

Our Bronco fans were well behaved and the MSU folks were equally hospitable as they mingled at tailgate gatherings throughout the campus that is home to nearly 50,000 students. The only thing that could have made the visit more fun would have been 4 more Bronco points on the new $10 million scoreboards.

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  1. Chicago Sam
    Sep 4, 2012, 2:24 pm

    We missed going to Lansing but have had an equally quality time watching the Broncos play Viginia Tech in D.C. and the Georgia Bulldogs in Atlanta. An incident after the Virginia Tech game sticks in my mind when a Tech fan came up after the game and offered my wife and I a doughnut and wished the Broncos the best for the rest of the season. They loved the Hokies and the Bulldogs everybit as much as we love our Broncos–Go Broncos

  2. The traveling fans for these big games are always great. And, I have had very few bad experiences with other fans, with occasional exceptions that I write off as statistically insignificant. As Jim Rome once said, Boise State fans travel like Steelers fans and dress like Raiders fans! Hehehehe.

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