Kudos To Statesman For Commish-Dynamis Story

Kudos to the DAILY PAPER for some good old fashioned journalism on the Ada Commission coverage in today’s paper.

No sense in us attempting to match reporter Cynthia Sewell on this one. She simply “told it like it is.” It is a long read by today’s news standards, but she covered the 12 minutes of public meeting drama at the Tuesday Ada Commish meeting.

It is becoming obvious that newly appointed Commish Dave Case is apparently the darling of those in the community who cherish open and honest government. He went to bat for citizens who wished to be heard by the commissioners on the issue.

He released a letter from a county engineer regarding the need for a third party review of the proposed Dynamis trash to energy project. The county had previously denied the Statesman access to the public record, calling the internal letter a “personnel matter.” Local government often hides behind that issue since personnel issues are exempt from disclosure.

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  1. Judy Peavey-Derr
    Sep 12, 2012, 8:36 am

    From what I read both in your blog and in the Statesman the letter from the County Engineer to the Commissioners and his Boss, Meg, is hardly a personnel matter. I believe Mr. Case was right.

  2. Arrogance is the one word to describe the Sharon and Rick.
    The Statesman article and opinion today are spot on. This project is being rushed too fast without the proper vetting. Here is the recording of yesterday CC meeting.

  3. I agree. Nice job, Cynthia, Statesman. Thank you to Commissioner Case for giving the public a voice.

    KTA-Independent Journalist

  4. chicago sam
    Sep 12, 2012, 2:02 pm

    Elections soon. Hope the interviews with candidates have some questions about Dynamis. Legislative and other candidates in both Ada and Canyon county should have to answer these questions as the airshed, electricity costs and subsidy’s involved cross county lines
    Make a list and check it twice

  5. This is good, but also troubling that we must reward the newspaper for doing what the newspaper should do anyway.

  6. In addition to an independent engineering review of this expensive project, shouldn’t there also be an Environmental Impact Study (EIS)? I noticed in independent research on WTEs that Sierra Club affiliates sought a court order in January 2012 to enjoin a similar project in Puerto Rico (of which Dynamis was once a partner) citing an inadequate EIS. I also wonder if Ada County needs legislative authority in the form of specific statutes and regulations to proceed with the Dynamis deal. According to a 2010 Directory of U.S. WTEs that 25 states, Puerto Rico and the Disctrict of Columbia have such statues and regulations that recognize WTEs as viable “renewable energy” resources. Idaho was not listed, but that was two years ago. So many things that should have been considered before the rush to judgment to approve something that could have statewide ramifications.

    Have a good day.

    KTA-Independent Journalist

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