Statesman Dynamis Story Reveals Sad Commentary On Local Governments

Once again we have to offer compliments to the Daily Paper’s Cynthia Sewell for some tedious reporting efforts on the Dynamis-Ada County scandal. Her SUNDAY STORY should serve as a Bible for the investigator looking into the irregularities both the Statesman and the GUARDIAN have uncovered.

Inflated hourly rates, purchase of computers, consultants, a lobbyist, 10% mark ups and more were detailed.

Sewell got it all in one spot–on paper in a format impossible to do on a blog. The GUARDIAN actually posted some of the facts before the Statesman, but their position as “The Daily Paper” made it all real and before a much larger audience than we can reach.

Of particular interest to the GUARDIAN were the comments. Readers actually took joy in the obvious irregularities which were exposed. In the end it seemed that most counties and at least one school district in Southwest Idaho have inept or crooked politicos.

Boise County readers noted how poorly their commishes performed regarding the Alamar Ranch for wayward youth debacle which cost taxpayers millions in legal fees and awards.

The 2/C crowd claimed the Bujak prosecutor scandal which is costing Canyon County huge sums to both prosecute and defend is no worse than the trash to energy deal between Dynamis and the Ada Commishes.

Then there was reference to the Nampa School District budget mess which has left taxpayers holding the bag for up to $4 million due to sloppy record keeping and budgeting.

Our only disappointment in the Statesman coverage was not mentioning the glaring violation of the Idaho Constitution which prohibits counties loaning money or credit in any form to private businesses.

ARTICLE VIII of the State Constitution:
Section 4. COUNTY, ETC., NOT TO LOAN OR GIVE ITS CREDIT. No county, city, town, township, board of education, or school district, or other subdivision, shall lend, or pledge the credit or faith thereof directly or indirectly, in any manner, to, or in aid of any individual, association or corporation, for any amount or for any purpose whatever, or become responsible for any debt, contract or liability of any individual, association or corporation in or out of this state.

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  1. Why do Idaho Republicans need a constitution? This is a one party state. They own it don’t they? Republicans get re-elected year after year.

  2. Potential rabbit hole scenario?
    Potomac Energy gets Dynamis materials and assests, avails the 30 year Ada county extension and takes over the project, Mahaffey moves east and connects up with Potomac

  3. dog: Both major parties are a bunch of cowards & crooks. The best we can hope for is they will keep each other in check like crime families do. However if one looks at the state of our nation, this hope is fading quickly.

  4. C’mon. Most cities and counties are run by hard working, well intentioned people. 2C, 6B and 1A are the exception rather than the rule. The messes in Boise and Canyon were apparently poor decisions but not malicious. The Dynamis situation was intentional through and through and the cover-up criminal.

    EDITOR NOTE–We said EITHER “inept or crooked.” Trouble is, there is a fine line between ignorance and deceit. What do you call all those $24,500 no bid contracts awarded by Boise to PR groups, consultants, etc.?

  5. Zippo Both partys??
    Idaho only has one party. Who know if we had a second one if it would be bad.

  6. The media (liberal, moderate and even some conservative) seem to ignore, support and/or not understand the issue of using taxpayer money to fund private enterprise. It almost amuses me, because lots of so-called conservative developers and big corporations love sucking this money away, and I am sure they love the support or ignorance of the media. If a private company needs government money to create itself, it is not a business worth getting into. It’s corporate welfare queen crack. By the way, did you know that the California Public Employee Retirement System built all that new stuff near Eagle and Fairview? Public union pension money is about one of the only sources of commercial development right now. Our economy is sucking its last breath from the huge pools of government/public union/taxpayer money. When that’s gone, we’re totaly screwed.

  7. JB, you raise a very good point. America was possible 200+ years ago in part because academia, businessmen, and politicians were able to get the word out with the printing press and the free press. What has become of the American media is shameful and is responsible for the erosion of freedom and prosperity. Power corrupts, and the media kept power in check until a few decades ago. Now we have a bunch of bubblehead dolls on 24/7, many of them don’t seem to understand their own script. The apathetic public has let this happen by not demanding a better quality and honesty from media. There is also academia which knows full well the media bias and partisanship is blatant, but they sip their wine and remain quiet.

    D & R alike dream of having dictator like powers and our media and academia are happy to help that happen. Have you not noticed the fascination with China? Our press, politicians, and academics’ can’t say enough wonderful things about China. Ask yourself; do you want to live in China? Do you think their system will be better for you? Can anyone find me a recent quote of a powerful academic criticizing China on human rights or pollution. So sad that even the smart people can be bought and placated.

    If we look at the entirety of human civilization, the last 100 years+/- is an anomaly. It contains the longest periods of economic prosperity, the shortest periods of war, the fastest advancement of technology, and the middle-class became the source of global political power. We are quickly sliding back into the two-class system more typical for humanity. If this continues, there will be very few academic jobs professor. And for you editor; you get to wear the jester’s hat.

  8. There needs to be an investigation by the AG’s office and if what went on here rises to the level of a criminal act they all need to go to prison.

    One of the most recurring themes in Idaho politics is the unwillingness to prosecute political crooks. Politicians repeat the same old crimes against taxpayers over and over and they walk away without any prison time.

    Careful and prudent guardianship of taxpayer dollars gets short shrift with these people and it is time they be held accountable.

  9. So opinionated, but how many of you are willing to do something other than just sit around and talk? Want change, get out there and make some noise other than the incessant coffee shop drivel. make t-shirts, bumper stickers, buy a bull horn and ride a bike up and down every street yelling out the truth, hire a lawyer and sue the state of Idaho, buy a street sign and put the truth on it, start a new paper to compete with the Boise weekly. Go to the capital building and yell at the Bastards in charge.
    Whatever you do, just DO something other than your normal contribution to pretentious arrogant ignorant ramblings, because that is obviously not helping.

  10. Ronin…I love you man! You said it…and the sad, pathetic thing is NO ONE will rise up. I for one have banged the drum to help people help themselves…and even those in need do not carry the torch – or even attempt to light it. It seems society as a whole is just lazy…but they sure have an opinion. We seem to be too busy…with what…I am not sure. What I do know is Boise has lost its appeal…the warm and cozy welcoming community has been tarnished. Look around…TOURISM is STILL in turmoil (THANKS GBAD!) with hotel after hotel closing…DOWNTOWN BUSINESS has very little support from CITY GOVERNMENT…VACANCY is rampant…BASEBALL STADIUM charge seems to have been swept under the rug…WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET PEOPLE (smart, passionate people – not selfish blowhards) INVOLVED?

  11. My Two Cents
    Oct 3, 2012, 4:05 pm

    I do not think the markup was permitted under the contract, as no performance bond was posted by Dynamis unless I am mistaken. Wasn’t the performance bond a prerequisite for the markup under the contract? I would like that looked into.

    Also, while I am very very pleased with Ms. Sewell’s recent reporting, I would suggest the we all not forget the prior reality of her so-called reporting. It was only when individuals made complaints to her editor and to the owner of the daily paper, and when publicity began on the Guardian and on Stop Dynamis and elsewhere, that she had no choice but to step up and do what she should have been doing all along. I vividly recall her first article on Dynamis noted the $1 a year lease and managed not to mention the $2 million. Biased information being spoon fed to her by the county by her former colleague who had become the Director of Administrative Services, is not an excuse for her failure to independently investigate and report for the benefit of her readers.

  12. MTC: Members of the All Gals Club have a hard time with spotlighting their membership’s dirty laundry. I’m guessing she started out in support of the project (probably even had a call from the old gal herself) before the facts were made available to the public by others. Since then, the paper is just jumping on the leads given it by others. This is good, better late then never, so I’m happy they are because it gets the word out even more. However, I’m wondering how much more emotion and bias would be involved in the writing if it were popkey writing about a butch project.

    PS: off topic: Totally made my day to see Mathews on PMSNBC react to the debate tonight. No tingle down his leg this time LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  13. Ronin: We just reached a whole lot more people then we would have driving your ice cream truck down the street with political speak on the audio blaster.

    Media as watchdog is the forth leg of government in our very successful form of society. But lately media has sold out to the other three legs due to the personal political ideology of the editors directing message to the public. The personal bias in media has allowed power to grow out of control. You will know I right when the TSA is reaching in you kids pants at Wal-Mart next year.

  14. It will be interesting to see the outcome of Kootenai County’s attempt at implementing a county manager government. There plan even saves $$$.

  15. Thank you My Two Cents. But let us be happy that the local daily is well on board and that Ms. Sewell is now entrenched in the piles of data this project research has produced.

    But where is the broadcast media in all this? Despite having much information available, the story appears to have received very limited air time.

    And here I thought a broadcast career could be made over some investigative reporting.

    Question of the day on our site: What became of the $150K turbine deposit that was made over 2 years ago?

  16. I don’t drive an Ice cream truck…
    where did you come up with that?

    All I’m saying is if you want an opinion, then be willing to support it with action, Our government is figuratively saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” I’m waiting for someone to send up some proverbial sticks and stones, and not just words.
    I am currently making T-Shirts and bumperstickers, be it they may not be changing the world, but at least I’m contributing to some sort of change, and not just full of lawyer spewing rhetoric

  17. Rod in SE Boise
    Oct 6, 2012, 11:11 am

    More proof that state and local governments are less competent and more dangerous to our freedom (and our wallets) than the federal government.

  18. No penalty for bad behavior means we will continue to get more and more of the same. A few years playing pick up the soap at the state pen may not stop all this bad behavior but it will give them a reason to stop and think about consequences.

  19. Safe–the broadcast media can’t figure out a way to cover this story in 1- or 2-minute segments sandwiched between endless weather reports. It’s just HARD. and they don’t do that well.

  20. Interested Citizen
    Oct 11, 2012, 12:06 pm

    It is clear to me that local law enforcement and the judiciary have commonly abused their power, authority, and discretion.

    I have personally experienced misconduct, violation of civil and constitutional rights, disrespect, false accusations, false arrest without probable cause, jailing, prosecutorial abuse, prosecutorial coercion, and other irregularities at the hands of the Nampa Police Department and the Canyon County Prosecutor, including both John Bujak and Bryan Taylor.

    There is far too much power in the hands of the local police departments, who are now protecting their paychecks and attempting to secure their employment through ticket writing for infractions, and baseless criminal charges for a host of
    false accusations.

  21. Interested Citizen
    Oct 12, 2012, 9:03 am

    And further, concerning the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney, and including both Bryan Taylor and John Bujak:

    If you do not believe that much of their activity revolves around generating revenues for salaries to pay their host of deputy prosecutors and other staff, then you are living under a very large rock and you are a Neanderthal.

    If you look at the statistics promulgated by the CCPA, their “conviction” rate is in the high 90 percent rate, even approaching 100 percent conviction rates. This is clearly preposterous, and is clearly inconsistent with normal and customary “conviction” rates elsewhere. Further, these statistics will confirm the problems revolving around the law enforcement community and the judiciary in Canyon County and Nampa.

    And, one of the driving forces behind this activity and indiscretion surrounding criminal charges, convictions, extenuated prosecution without cause, prosecutions without probable cause, and other misconduct, is the desperate need for revenues in these municipalities as they are broke and getting more broke by the day.

    Bryan Taylor, as CCPA, along with his host of cronies in the deputy prosecutors, the judiciary, the commissioners, the mayors of Nampa and other cities, and the police departments of Nampa and the CC Sheriff, are actively participating.

  22. Interesting how The Republican dominated local government is so corrupt. Don’t know how I could ever
    serve on a jury knowing the corruption level of our local judicial system.

  23. Latest Ada County-Dynamis developments:

    Ada County engineer resigns over Dynamis flap; Ada P&Z will hold hearing on petitions calling for public hearing on Dynamis. Why is Dynamis still on the table after all we’ve learned? See link below for more details:

    Ada planning commission to consider Dynamis hearing petitions

  24. Thank you Mr. engineer for stepping away from what clearly smells. You did your duty, but this is not always the best for the paycheck.

    On another note: Something which has always amazed me is just how completely unremarkable the people are who get involved in local gov’t scandals. They are often boring dull semi-failures who could not work a day job if they tried.

    I can understand the man who loses his mind over a playboy bunny or loads of cash, but do not see any bunnies or loads of cash here yet. So, there must be more news to come. When is the investigation deadline?

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