Information Has Value, Don’t Give It Away, COMPASS Pays $20 For Traffic Answers

We got the following note from a reader today and it sparked an idea–CHARGE all those folks who are taking surveys.

“Got a letter in the mail Saturday from COMPASS soliciting participation in a downtown traffic study. The letter indicated that participants would be asked to provide travel information for one day. I thought they’d send out a little journal or something for the recording of travel directions, times, intersections, etc.

I called them to participate and they gave me a survey over the phone for last Thursday’s travel. Took less than 10 minutes and I get a check for $20. I’m a sucker for free tax dollars.”

When the teachers union calls or the Romney folks, just tell them it will cost $20 for the information they seek. Afterall, they are going to sell the data they collect to a news agency or candidate.

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