Ada P&Z To Hold Special Dynamis Meeting

Ada County issued a terse press release Friday announcing special meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission to consider a hearing on the Dynamis trash to energy project.

The Ada County Planning and Zoning Commission will hold a special meeting on October 25, 2012, at 6:00 p.m. in the Commissioners Main Hearing Room #1235, on the first floor, 200 W. Front Street, Boise, ID to consider petitions requesting a public hearing on the Dynamis project.

Meanwhile, the GUARDIAN has been made aware of a very similar proposal in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Oneida Indian Tribe had a deal with the city of Green Bay to build a trash to energy plant using the same technology as the Dynamis proposal. The City Council revoked the permit Tuesday amid claims–very similar to those voiced in Boise–the project was deceptive and will pollute the air.

The GUARDIAN talked to the City Council president who told us there were claims of existing plants in Germany and other locations abroad which were simply not true–just like the Dynamis scandal in Boise.

We were unable to find any direct links to the two projects, but the issues are certainly similar.

The STATESMAN is reporting the Ada County engineer has resigned due to differences and “lack of trust” between him and county officials.

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  1. Here is a wikipedia article on trash to energy and mentions plants in Europe.

    Here is another article on the idea.

  2. LandfillUser
    Oct 23, 2012, 6:20 pm

    Regarding the two links provided by DO: The wikipedia article is clearly pro-industry — but the truth shall out shortly. The second regarding Denmark is interesting, and here is the difference with Dynamis:

    “Far cleaner than conventional incinerators, this new type of plant converts local trash into heat and electricity. In the process, dozens of filters catch pollutants, from mercury to dioxin, that would have emerged from its smokestack only a decade ago.”

    Unfortunately, we won’t be getting dozens of filters. Nothing designed to capture mercury. Nothing designed to capture dioxin.

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