Nov. 6 Election Could See Record Turnout

If early voting trends are any indication, there could be a record turnout for the general election. The official election day is Nov. 6, but early voting has been underway all week and each day has seen more than 800 voters cast their ballots at the early voting precinct at 400 N. Benjamin Lane behind Target.

Phil McCrane is the election guy for the Ada County Clerk’s office and he showed the GUARDIAN the signature verification system which uses the statewide voter registration records, comparing signatures to absentee ballots. For folks who vote in person, they should bring a picture I.D. or fill out an affidavit at the time of voting. There are also accommodations for blind and handicap voters.

All the rules and an interactive system which will tell you the location of your polling place can be found at ADA VOTING.

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  1. You should call the Ada County Election office and ask them about what the ACLU is planning to do on election day. If you think they are going to be “helpful” you would be dead wrong. If they are going to do what they are in Idaho just think what is going to go on in Florida or Ohio.

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    Oct 20, 2012, 5:53 pm

    Thanks and kudos to the Guardian for both the P&Z hearing notice AND the voter info. Thanks so much for both the encouragement of participation and for helping to hold the feet to the fire on the Dynamis proposal.

    Ya dun good!

  3. Early Voting is a game changer in the election process and it brings home the notion of casting an informed vote. It also should increase voter turnout for elections.

    I appreciate the ability to vote early. Why should people wait for election day and all the lines and waiting to vote on “election day”.

  4. You know I ALWAYS vote on Election Day…and for as long as I can remember – I have NEVER encountered a LONGGGGG line…usually in and out in no time. Which is sad because I think there is a large percentage that don’t give a damn…another story. Then again, I am the type of guy who buys one lottery ticket a week…but actually waits until the day after the lottery numbers are posted…guess I enjoy the excitement of checking instead of looking up the numbers on the computer…besides…I never win…yet!

  5. I live on 17th St in the Northend–used to be able to walk a few blocks to Ridenbaugh paramedic station to vote. Now it’s over on 28th St at Lowell High……pain in the ass–why did they move it?
    Now I gotta take my car since I’m not in any physical shape to walk all the way over to 28th. bummer

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