Ada Commish Meeting Ends With “Recall Yzaguirre” Chant

Described by one observer as “bizarre,” The Tuesday morning Ada County Commission meeting ended with visitors chanting, “Recall Yzaguirre,” as they filed out of the meeting room following approval of a lease agreement with Dynamis.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Commissioner Dave Case made a futile motion to terminate all Dynamis agreements and demand repayment of the $2 million owed Ada County because Dynamis is not complying with the contract’s timeline. The motion died for lack of a second.

Commishes Sharon Ullman and Rick Yzaguirre continued their rush to approve the Dynamis trash to energy project at the landfill. Read previous posts to get up to speed, but it appears the pair are attempting to back Commissioner Dave Case and likely winner Jim Tibbs into a corner with a deal neither supports.

So far no one has come forth to make Ullman and Yzaguirre legally accountable for loaning $2 million of public money to Dynamis in what appears to be an obvious violation of the Idaho Constitution.

An investigation is underway, but without a court order stopping this runaway train it looks like the project will be in place before it can be stopped–regardless of how the investigation turns out. Newly elected officials following the Nov. 6 election will take office in January 2013.

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  1. Why the rush to make a decision on the Dynamis pork project? At least wait until the election is over before handing over a bucket of manure to the next commissioner.

    With all the poor air quality we had this past summer, why are these people trying to make it harder for people to breathe? Between the heat and the choking smoke this has been one of the worst air quality years I can remember. Dynamis won’t help this inherent problem with living in a valley.

  2. Someone needs to take legal action immediately to at least stop this thing until the new commissioners get into office. If it all turns out to be an okay project, then what is another couple of months?

  3. I was at the meeting and the citizens that spoke brought up many valid points. My overall impression is that the industrial park designation and the lease to follow was just a “done deal” even before the meeting was held.

    Thanks to Dave Case once again for listening to the citizens and trying to terminate the contract.

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