Early Ada Voting On Saturday, First Time In Memory

Due to unprecedented turnout for early voting, the Ada County Elections Office
will open its doors from 10am – 4pm for early voting this Saturday, October 27th.

According to Ada County Clerk, Chris Rich, “Many folks work during our regular early voting hours. With the record volume we are experiencing, I saw this as a great opportunity for us to help those folks vote.”

From the first day, turnout for early voting has been breaking records, averaging close to 900
voters per day. As of Monday, 5,710 people had voted early in Ada County. Historically, turnout for
early voting continues to rise as the election approaches. “From the moment we opened our doors it
has been busy and it’s only gotten busier since,” says Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane. He also adds
that “If you want to avoid waiting in line, not only should you vote early, but you had better vote

Voting will be open only this Saturday, October 27th. However, early voting is also open
Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm through November 2nd. It is located at the Ada County Elections
Office at 400 N. Benjamin Ln., Suite 100 in Boise. Voters are reminded that they will be asked to show photo I.D. when they arrive.

If you would like more information about early voting visit ADA ELECTIONS.

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