Ada P&Z To Hear Dynamis Issues

It may be “too little, too late,” but Ada County Planning and Zoning Commishes agreed Thursday to hear citizens complaints about the proposed Dynamis trash to energy project at the landfill. Since the board serves only in an advisory capacity, any action taken is subject to County Commish approval.

At issue is a zoning change which the Board of Commissioners has rammed through, declaring the landfill an Industrial Park. The importance of “industrial park” was allow for a 30 year lease without public auction per Title 31, Chapter 8, according to those who seek the hearing.

The hearing by P&Z is set for November 8.

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  1. modern columbo
    Oct 26, 2012, 9:33 am

    The declaration of the land fill being an industrial park does not change anything regarding zoning. Industrial is a base zoning designation but the resolution calling it an industrial park did not change the zoning. The zoning is now and was then Rural Residential. This RR designation specifically prohibits a power plant. That is why they created the ancillary uses amendment to the land fills conditional use designation. Thus they believe that this power plant is simply ancillary to the land fill and requires no P&Z review. Our position is that the lease itself invalidates the Ancillary use designation as it is now its own function of land it is leasing from the principal use. There is case law out there regarding the relationship of the auxillary use to the principal use. Primarily of the auxillary use is subleased land or buildings from the principal use as it is with Dynamis. Also that it is a large power plant that will be selling electricty for its own profit not the profit or benefit to the principal use. You are correct that ultimately the P&Z commission has no authority to change this, but upon litigation we will prevail on the ancillary use designation.

  2. “too little too late” Not correct We haven’t heard the fat lady sing yet. In fact, an aroused public will get their first chance to express themselves. Will be interesting as well as important

  3. “Hear” might not be the right word.

  4. My Two Cents
    Oct 27, 2012, 8:02 am

    The P&Z Commission is nothing but volunteers on an advisory board, appointed by the Commissioners. They may have integrity and they may listen to citizens. But they have absolutely no power whatsoever. They can recommend action till the cows come home–the commissioners do not have to follow it, and we all know Sharon Ullman and Rick Yzaguirre won’t follow anything that may slow down or stop Dynamis. This is an exercise in futility. I hope everyone coming to the hearing understands they are at what, in effect, is a mock hearing. That said, hats off to the P&Z members for listening to the citizens and scheduling a hearing. But it changes nothing, unfortunately. You have to strip the commissioners of power in this matter or find something more powerful that they must follow, such as a state or federal court order.

  5. The first reference to the Ada Renewable Technology Industrial Complex (ARTIC) that I can find is the June 30, 2010 Ada County press release in which commissioners announce the Dynamis agreement. (“In their FIRST OFFICIAL ACT related to the formation of the Ada Renewable Technology Industrict Complex (ARTIC)…” Note: CAPS are mine) When and how was this complex formed? Have we seen the initial resolution on this, if there was one?

    Good luck, Modern Columbo and group.

  6. Grumpy ole guy
    Oct 28, 2012, 12:36 am

    Remember the old verse:
    I ask a simple question, the truth is all I wish,
    Are all fisherman liars, or do all liars fish?

    I am reminded of this when I think about the Ada County Commissioners and their machinations with Dynamis. Are they crooks, or stupid. Misguided or guilty of personal greed. Surely simple incompetence cannot explain away their actions and words over this. Will we ever know?

    Best of luck to Columbo and the Citizens’ Group. We are all watching and waiting, even after we go cast our ballots.

  7. Clippityclop
    Oct 29, 2012, 8:33 am

    I completely agree with 2 Cents. However, I think it would be a wise P&Z that chose recommend against Dynamis. This house o’ cards is going to fall — best to have walked away when given the chance.

  8. Kareb Ragland
    Nov 1, 2012, 2:27 pm

    I am beginning to think that the REAL powers to be in Ada County and Boise City have a way to make a buck from Dynamis or re-election money. The old saying “follow the money” is usually fruitful.

  9. Just wondering how this technology is different from the Dynamis proposed plant. Does any one out there know? http://www.wheelabratortechnologies.com/plants/waste-to-energy/wheelabrator-westchester-lp/ysis

    EDITOR NOTE–This technology is an incinerator using forced air–like a forge. Dynamis claims their pyrolisys is an oxygen DEPRIVED system. Earliest claims said it was so hot it had no emission. The system you link to has scrubbers in the stacks.

  10. This hearing still on?

    Sharon’s blog posted 11/5 – talk about a hostile work environment. Keep the door shut, have a deputy sheriff standing by and don’t drink the water.

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