Big Brother Turns Cameras Around

We’re not sure what you call it when “Big Brother’s” public cameras are focused on the government, but that’s what Ada County Clerk Chris Rich and his deputy, Phil McCrane are doing on election day.

Ada County will have video cameras tracking the ballots as they enter the election central office and go through the tabulation process–available on your home computer streaming live.

ADA COUNTY ELECTIONS has all you need to know to vote and the CAMERAS are live streaming only on MS Windows at present, but it is a sign of transparency we applaud.

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  1. The last time I voted, before I changed to mail in vote, I went to the table to put my ballot in the box, and the man sitting there said, “no”, and turned it around so everyone at the table could see which party I’d voted for. I did notice all at the table looking. I found it quite odd, and hope all of you out there keep your eyes open when you vote.

  2. Haven’t used this but I bet it would work so MAC’s can see too.

  3. That’s nice of then to provide us with a false sense of security.

    @DS: I’ve had a similar experience from a poll worker recently. I’m thinking they need to have about half from each party at each polling place.

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