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Statesman Dynamis Story Reveals Sad Commentary On Local Governments

Once again we have to offer compliments to the Daily Paper’s Cynthia Sewell for some tedious reporting efforts on the Dynamis-Ada County scandal. Her SUNDAY STORY should serve as a Bible for the investigator looking into the irregularities both the Statesman and the GUARDIAN have uncovered. Inflated hourly rates, purchase of computers, consultants, a lobbyist, […]

City To Hike Electricity Tax By 20%

Those pesky politicos in both Boise and Nampa are raising the tax on your electricity by 20%. The local “franchise fee” only applies if you use electricity and it will increase from 1.25% to 1.50%–an increase of 20%. Currently, 92 municipalities charge the “fee” which is really a tax paid by consumers. It is an […]

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