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Mom Of General’s “Friend” Lives In Boise

Amazing what you find on the “social media” these days.

A Statesman online editor tells the TWITTER world she was “staking out” the Boise home of Paula Broadwell’s mother in Boise and was followed home by a reporter from the New York Post. Ms. Broadwell is the alleged subject of an affair with Gen. David Petraeus, the director of the CIA.

We won’t question the name of the publication, but we turned down a similar assignment from another NY Tabloid. If the woman did nothing more than give birth to a second rate authoress who is having an affair with a general, she dosen’t deserve media scrutiny from the Statesman or the national media.

Also, if the general hadn’t taken orders from his privates there would be no interest in a “local angle.”

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  1. Strongly fricking agree. I was thoroughly disgusted when I saw that. I can’t believe the Statesman last week gave us the spiel on how they will go behind a paywall online and we should pay for it because they’re the source for local content. If that’s how they want to devote their resources, I’ll be finding my local content elsewhere. Probably here.

  2. Sex has become such a huge issue in this country, and I can’t understand why. We are all here because of sex, (or some form of it) we all for the most part practice sex, be it hetero or homo, (but that doesn’t really matter), and we all think about sex, (whether we admit it or not). But why scrutinize others for being caught having sex when we all do it? We might as well publicly humiliate anyone who poops, or has a menstrual cycle that isn’t within the norm. So what if this guy cheated on his marriage, is that really a reason to force him, (or anyone else) to suffer losing their job, home, career, or life in general? I think this country really needs to reevaluate what we deem as news worthy or cause to humiliate, but I’m just one guy with an opinion.

  3. Good call regarding the civilian mom.

    My sympathies are with Mrs. Petraeus, who has been betrayed and humiliated.

    Adultery is a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice under Article 134.

  4. Excellent point about Generals taking orders from their Privates! Hehehehe.

    I have no clue why anyone would want to bother the ladies mother. Just hate to hear things like this.

  5. We are becomming more like the Taliban. Soon we will be stoning the women involved. Instead of witch trials we will have sex trials. No matter what, the women will take the brunt of the scandal.

  6. Stoning the women? Try stoning the men. Sure committing adultery is going to get you some dirty looks and bad press. But haven’t you noticed how the media absolutely rips into the men every time.

    It takes two to tango and the women involved presumably knew exactly what they were doing, i.e, making advances toward married men.

    Double standards man, double standards.

  7. Double standards indeed,
    Just look at the sex between a person in the twenties, and a seventeen year old (which happens almost every day in this state), the man is immediately punished and humiliated, and yet there are seventeen year olds in jail right now being punished as adults. So which is it? From this juxtaposition we have to question when a person really is mentally cognizant of making an adult decision, like sex, and when they are not. Currently our laws are flawed and need some serious rework to end this 21st century version of the Salem witch trials.

  8. I found a petition on “Change.org” that calls to change the punishment for certain sex crimes in Idaho.

    Might be worth supporting to help end these double standards, while not sacrificing security for the community.

  9. My goodness, can you imagine the miles on that old rented mule. Climbing all the way up there on her back.

    And what kinda hard-up guy would wanna saddle up after that climb.

    Very poor taste and judgement for someone appointed to such a powerful post. He should be fired and have his pention rank reduced for bringing dishonor to the CIA and Army. And we should fire all the boyscouts who knew about it and coverd for him.

    However, I think the only reason we even know about it at all is because he would not lie for Obama about Lybia. Cat fights happen all the time, this one did not have to become public just like most of them never do.

  10. What was the intrepid Statesman reporter hoping to learn from the “mom” in Boise? Sounds like a tempest in a teapot but with the NY Post on the scene it makes it more intriguing.
    Minnesota is no stranger to sex scandals which explains why the Republicans lost the Legislature this month.

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