More Stink Raised Over Dynamis Trash Deal

The Idaho Conservation League filed has filed a lawsuit in Fourth District Court challenging two recent actions taken by the Ada County Board of Commissioners to approve the controversial Dynamis “waste-to-energy” facility at the Ada County Landfill.

The suit challenges the Commission’s 2-to-1 vote on Oct 23 to create an “industrial park” for the Dynamis facility at the landfill and to lease nearly 10 acres there to Dynamis Energy, LLC. They join “Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government” which filed a separate ACTION earlier this month.

“The proposed Dynamis project at the Ada County Landfill threatens clean air and the health of all people in the Treasure Valley,” said Courtney Washburn, community conservation director of the Idaho Conservation League. “This project has been given a sweetheart deal by the Ada County Commission with little regard for public concern or due process.”

Dynamis has proposed constructing a garbage “gasification” plant at the Ada County Landfill. The plant would combust 408 tons of garbage and tires per day, release significant quantities of harmful air pollutants into the Treasure Valley, and generate 30 tons of toxic ash a day. The Idaho Conservation League and its many members and supporters are very concerned about the impacts of the proposal.

In the petition filed last week, the Idaho Conservation League challenges the Commission’s Oct 23 decisions as violating Idaho law regarding long-term leases of county property without public auction; the organization also challenges the creation of an “industrial park” on county land for the Dynamis facility.

“Garbage-combusting power plants do not belong in industrial parks,” said Bryan Hurlbutt, an attorney at Advocates for the West, which represents the Idaho Conservation League. “By creating this industrial park, the Commissioners are trying to circumvent the law and lease the site to Dynamis without holding a public auction.”

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  1. That’s Bull#@&*t! All of this is pure speculation and politics. Dynamis doesn’t even have their plant built yet? Idaho needs the revenue, jobs, and the opportunity to do something ground breaking that will keep our air, water, and soil cleaner whilst enjoying great green power rates. This is all just bush league local politics. The solid endorsement Dynamis has from SAIC on their technology and process is more than enough for the US Govt, Canada, and Europe. We should all kiss Dynamis ass and fire Dave Case. What a joke… Especially when the “Swingers” in Hidden Springs would rather do the same thing and expect different results. Apparently the folks at the Statesman can’t smell or see the Ada County land fill from their office window over the typewriter….

  2. Well Shawn, I’m all for that. Prehaps start with honesty and openess when trying to spend my money on something ground breaking and benificial.

    I’m still trying to figure out how much per date this cost me when the lady with the checkbook went dancing.

  3. Shawn the point is how Ada county commissioners is trying to pull a fast one on the tax payers. Have you had your head buried in the sand?

  4. Zippo, could you rephrase? Because your statement made very little sense. I guess you mean that you single handedly paid for the whole Dynamis deal? Which is weird because it was only a loan which will be repaid.

    On to ICL, and as long as we’re talking sweethearts and full disclosure, who from ICL lives at Hidden Springs or downwind in the foothills?

    Hey ICL and Hidden Springs folks, have you ever thrown away any garbage? I see lots of kids in Hidden Springs, I wonder what happened to all their thousands of disposable poopy diapers. How many tires do HS folks go through every year on their long comment to wherever it is they drive to. How much gasoline is burned driving out there everyday? Every year?

  5. What is really BS is that waste incinerators can prevent dioxins and other air pollution particulates from emerging into the air shared by all of us. They have not yet been built not to spill.
    Claims that waste incinerators are green and clean resemble claims that nukes are green and clean. NOT. No way.

  6. Clippityclop
    Nov 27, 2012, 3:50 pm

    So, what happens when the loan if not repaid? Is Dynamis bonded?

  7. Grumpy ole guy
    Nov 27, 2012, 5:44 pm

    Seems to me that several of the commentators on this issue have selective attention of the myriad points at issue.

    Jobs creation
    Energy production
    Power generation
    Pollution concerns
    Purpose AND role of government
    Openness/transparency of governmental action.
    Legality of the “loan” by a tax body to a private entity.
    Definition of “progress” in general.
    Definition of “progress” as it applies to this specific.
    Motivation of TWO elected officials in this operation.
    Land use and purpose.

    So many areas, so few disclosures.

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