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Poet Paul On Garden City Bike Law Repeal

We will have an upcoming story about the arrogance of local government officials coming soon. Meanwhile, here is a ditty from Poet Paul and the Monday action of the Garden City council when they flipped their collective finger to the voters and biking enthusiasts who passed a measure on November 8 to limit authority of the City Council. The council repealed the voter-approved law 45 minutes after it became effective.

It seems the majority like
To ride through Garden City on a bike
But the city fathers
Whose power it bothers
Told the voters to go take a hike!
–Poet Paul

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  1. Isn’t there a law or something to protect the people’s wishes when they vote? Otherwise why vote at all ??

  2. Dan my Friend,

    Although this instance is unfortunate. We have elected these people to represent us and make choices on our behalf. If they do not accurately represent us, then we do not reelect them to office. The hard part is finding a good crop of candidates to choose from.


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