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Idaho Has History Of Ignoring Citizens

It should have come as no surprise when the Garden City Council ignored the vote of the people and repealed an initiative requiring public approval regarding green belt use.

Consider just these measures which come to mind:
–Boise City refused to put the “Ten Commandments” monument removal on the ballot, despite a huge number of signatures–well in excess of the required amount–calling for a vote. Supreme Court ruled against the city and ultimately citizens sided with the city.

–Term limits. Citizens statewide voted to limit elected office terms, but soon after the law passed, the legislature repealed it. Their action survived a challenge when the Supremes ruled “laws passed by citizens can be repealed just like any other law.”

–1% property tax limit. Like the California prop 13 of the late 70’s, Idaho voters sought to limit property tax to 1% of the assessed value. The legislature declared the law unmanageable and diluted it to the point of being unrecognizable amidst heavy lobbying by local governments.

Meanwhile America as a nation fights the Taliban, works against the Syrian regime, opposes the heavy handed declaration of authority by the Egyptian president, and generally promotes democracy worldwide. Go figure.

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  1. Wow…..

    Well I guess us Sheeple don’t know what’s best for us. Thank you for throwing the general consensus out the window and doing what is best. You elected official, are so much wiser and powerful than us usual folk anyway.

    Good luck with re-election.


  2. The snarky last paragraph kinda ruined the whole point.

    “Democracy” is not the same thing as “Majority Rules”

    EDITOR NOTE–Snarky, yes. If majority ruled, we wouldn’t even be writing anything.

  3. I believe that technically, democracy is the same thing as “majority rules.”

    Our government – a representative republic – differs because we elect “representatives” (quote unquote) who supposedly represent our interests in their collective body. Unfortunately, at least in these parts, they have established a track record of patting us on the head and telling us to go sit in the corner, they know what’s best.

    We have the power to vote the bums out, but that power is rarely used, unfortunately. Too many constituents are too busy watching Dancing With the Stars or Twittering, to pay attention. And the ones who are paying attention have been cynicized.

  4. No, it’s not. There is not a “technical” definition of democracy, it espouses all the ideas of people ruling themselves, and there are many forms of it. What we have is a constitutional republic, which in fact _legally prevents_ the majority from imposing their will on the minority.

    The spirit of democracy is freedom and equality, for and by the people. Implementation is up to you. Majority rules would be one (poor) way of doing it.

  5. Idaho citizens have a history of letting govenment ignore them.

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