HUD Favors Coppers, Teachers, Firefighters Over Professors And Private Sector Workers

In light of Boise’s new anti gay discrimination ordinance, a reader’s outrage over official U.S. Government discrimination against private sector employees in Ada County is worth sharing.

The following e-mail was sent to the GUARDIAN and we have confirmed it is indeed real and private sector citizens are not allowed to compete for what amounts to a $61,000 housing subsidy. Ironically the U.S. Housing agency claims “EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IN HOUSING” in the same flyer.

U.S. Department of HUD
Half price homes for Teachers Firefighters, Law Enforcement & EMTs

8415 W Dulcimer Street, Boise, ID 83709
3 Bedrooms / 2.5 Baths / 2 Car Garage / SQFT. 1,448 / Year Built 2002
Certified currently appraised value is $122,000
All regional Law Enforcement Officers, Ada County area Firefighters/EMTs and full time PreK-12 Public School Teachers employed by the school district servicing the area or Private School Teachers whose employer serves students who live in the area ARE eligible.

If you or your spouse currently owns a home, have owned a home within the last year, or you are a University/College employee you ARE NOT eligible.
Lottery winner must live in home as sole residence for a minimum of three years.

Call Ward Pyles at 208-863-6886 with Nampa Realty for more information, to view home and enter lottery on property.
Lottery drawing entry deadline 11:59PM December 17, 2012
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  1. From the GoodNeighbor information: “It is only a three year commitment and then you can sell the home or keep it as a rental.”

    Yeah, then you can sell it to a politician (for a handsome profit) and the neighborhood goes to hel.

  2. I don’t see this much different that any other entitlement program. At least this program rewards those with good jobs.

    Look at all the different ways to get housing on the cheap.

    EDITOR NOTE–C’mon Clancy. This is absurd to limit applicants to ONLY government workers! Imagine if they allowed ONLY civilians. They won’t even take University folks or hospital workers.

  3. Selective rights and entitlements(perks) are always going to leave someone out. The governments limits potential applicants all the time with various programs.

    This program happens to be an example of them NOT using race,income, sexuality or disability to give some one a boost.

  4. Ya know there is a whole bunch of conservative folk out there who don’t think the cops will ever turn on them when it comes to collecting guns and enforcing a modern version of the stamp tax. But the fact is they already have. This is not serving and protecting. This is fraud.

  5. Fraud

  6. Id love to hear what our two newest county board members say about this. Has either of them used this program themselves?

  7. modern columbo
    Dec 12, 2012, 10:50 am

    There was a program in California many years ago called Cop on the Block where they offered HUD homes in bad neighborhoods to police officers. Catch was the neighborhood knew and it was supposed to be a good thing. Not too many people took advantage of it and it was soon discontinued. this program just seems to add a few more categories.

    EDITOR–Actually it appears to be the same Clinton era program.

  8. As has been discussed by Philip G. Zimbardo (the psychologist on the Stanford prison project), that the psychology of evil begins with people in uniformed groups committing acts of aggression, favoritism, elitism, and biased views of others. This may seem like a harmless little thing, allowing certain groups of “preferred” status to enter homes for discounted prices, but in reality it is the same separations between citizens and authority that were created in the early Nazi empire.
    Welcome to the fourth Reich.

  9. Ronin what a moronic comment. Go back to your bunker, put on tinfoil hat and try to read a real history book instead of listening to talk radio.

  10. You don’t know what I do. Who is to say it is not as valuable to the community as coppers firefighters teachers etc….
    “This program happens to be an example of them NOT using race,income, sexuality or disability to give some one a boost.”
    So as long as I don’t use those reasons it’s ok for me to discriminate in some other way ? great logic.

  11. And making personal attacks is a valid form of argument?

    No there Nate, you are the one with the tin foil hat and the ignorant mindset. You should be neutered.

  12. John, My point is that anytime we have a special program for a select group, someone is going to get discriminated against.

    You are obviously against this program. Are you against other housing programs based upon economic need too?

  13. Ronin a personal attack is warranted when someone spews such utterly ridiculous remarks. The fourth Reich? Seriously dude. Us in sane America are getting a little tired of hearing such rhetoric. It’s not like they are offering discounted housing to the political elite. Unless you consider elementary school teachers to be included within your new fourth Reich. Which you might considering your comments. The Nazi’s did fear the educated so maybe its time to due some self reflection before barf out your opinions.

    MODERATOR NOTE–You guys are pushing the envelope. Talk about issues, not each other or I will close this thread to further comment.

  14. Realy? You say such things when the police and all their social elitism is the sole source of the degradation of our society? Do you not see that anyone, ANYONE who carries a loaded weapon with the intent to shoot their own countrymen is guilty of treason? So yes this state is the fourth Reich as people like you that support terrorism and separations of authority and citizenry continue to spread your warped viewpoint of reality.
    And to the monitor, you really think that allowing his fallacy of a comment to be posed is not “pushing the envelope”?

  15. I do have to admit on at least one level that you are right. The state is afraid of the educated; just remember the Luna law debacle. Or did you not know of that? Well regardless of whether or not you were able to pull yourself away from your Jersey Shore programing to educate yourself on the world around you, I still should thank you for supporting my argument. The laws DO restrict and prohibit a thorough educational system, holding money back from students and sending to the police. It would appear that this housing law might be supporting those who “fall in line” and support the authoritarian governing style of Idaho.

    Moderator- Now I am done with this guy you can restrict the comments.

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