Prosecutor Defers To Citizens Lawsuit To Answer Ada Commish-Dynamis Issues

The Bannock County Prosecutor has issued a press release which comes as no surprise regarding the conduct of the Ada Commishes in the Dynamis trash to enegy scheme.

The GUARDIAN has held the position the major “illegal action” was the violation of the Idaho Constitution when they gave away $2 million to a private firm contrary to specific prohibitions. The Bannock county “special prosecutor” seems to be relying on the CITIZENS FOR A SAFE ENVIRONMENT civil action to answer questions of law. No criminal charges will be filed.

Here is the entire release:


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  1. Brief and benign letter for a 6,000-page report. Good to know we can all claim that we relied on legal counsel for advice, and if they messed up, oh well, let someone sue us in civil court.

    As it is the Christmas season, I will restrain myself from further comment, other than Ho Ho Ho!

  2. My Two Cents
    Dec 20, 2012, 1:17 pm

    Sad but not surprising. There is no oversight by anyone anymore; elected officials can run hog wild and will then protect each other. thank goodness for the citizens lawsuit, though sad that they must do the work cause the Bannock Prosecutor won’t.

  3. When will the 6000 page report be released?

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Dec 20, 2012, 1:44 pm

    It seems they didn’t even consider the guardian’s concerns about violating the Idaho Constitution. But then, that is such a common occurrence it doesn’t raise eyebrows anymore.

  5. Definition of serial meetings according to Idaho. ” Serial meeting means the contacting of members of a public agency one-on-one or in groups less than a quorum, outside of official public meetings, in a deliberate attempt to build a majority for or against a public policy or proposed ordinance.

    The AG’s opinion on such matters “It is our opinion that such a practice is designed to circumvent the Open Meeting Law and clearly violates the spirit of that law.”

    Especially when including factors such as:
    -whether the members of the governing body deliberately set out to reach a final decision apart from the public eye,

    -whether their meetings are, in fact, conducted in

    -whether the matter in question is specific, controversial and highly visible;

    -whether the secret decision flaunts the will of the public;

    -whether the final decision is
    a “done deal,” with no serious discussion or deliberation and with votes already clearly
    locked in.

  6. Nice to see politicians are still willing to go to bat for the public… I mean each other.

  7. Let’s face it, there will be very few instances of corruption prosecuted in this state as it serves no purpose but to further the notion that we have crooks in our midst. We would never want a legal finding in this short of public officials getting caught in the act. Abscam come to mind… money talks and BS walks seems to be one of the gems from that era.

  8. chicago sam
    Dec 20, 2012, 6:28 pm

    Advice of legal counsel when they sign your paycheck is highly suspect. Any court dates yet on the three lawsuits?

  9. Hardly a surprise – really, did anyone expect that a crime would be found by a county prosecutor who will be gone in January? I wanna see the documents he was given!

  10. How public-spirited of that Prosecutor Heidemann to write such a measly, lame, take a deep breath and swallow the kool-aid report.

  11. The detailed summery report provided to Hiedeman might answer a lot of your questions about who did what. It appears that rather than continue with this they are relying on our lawsuits to take care of the problem. There are many individual files that we will get around to posting on our website as time permits.

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