Citizens Group Takes Lead In Dynamis-Ada Scandal

Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government, Inc. has taken the lead in prosecuting a civil action against Dynamis and Ada County following a 6,000 page report by a private investigator to the Bannock Prosecutor who is acting as a “special prosecutor” for Ada County.

The report turns up no direct benefit to any of the former county and current Ada Commishes, hence no criminal charges. Important to note however is the way the special prosecutor avoided action when he noted the Citizens for Save Environment suit pending in Fourth District Court would cover most of the issues in contest–especially illegal “serial meetings,” and violation of the Idaho Constitution which prohibits loans to private companies.

The group has provided a website which is a treasure trove of information and documents. They have been wise to provide only public records and not attempt to “try the case in public.”
Click here for the investigator’s SUMMARY.
Click here for the 6,000 pages of DOCUMENTS.
Click here for the general CITIZENS site.

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  1. A Commissioner hand delivering these “emergency” payments to Dynamis…very sketchy!

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