Poet Paul

Poet Paul’s View Of 2012

Occupy Boise was a bunch of tents
Placed on the old Courthouse lawn
But when they were removed
The grass was all gone
They overstayed their welcome
So their permit was revoked
The only grass not ruined
Was that which was smoked!

Senator McGee some folks think
Had a run of very bad luck
After too much to drink
He wrecked a stolen trailer along with a truck
We thought he should be punished
As the public did insist
But all he really got
Was a slap on the wrist!

Although McGee dodged a bullet
He didn’t learn his lesson
He harassed a young lady
With whom he wished to be messin’
This probation violation
Landed him in jail
For his political coffin
Has received its final nail!

Chuck Winder got an ally
In Brandi Swindell
If a woman didn’t get an ultrasound
She was surely bound for hell
They pleaded for a law
To take away a gal’s voice
But fortunately for all
It remains a medical choice.

The Dynamis project
Which makes energy from trash
Has split the Commishes
Two of whom are very brash
Tillman and Ulmann are out
Replaced by Case and Tibbs
Maybe now we’ll get to the truth
Instead of sorting through fibs!

Bishop Senator Crapo
While driving late a night
Was arrested for a DUI
After running a red light
It probably won’t effect
His political life
But needs to explain
To his kids, church and wife!

We’re standing on a cliff
An apparently steep ledge
When it comes to compromise
Both sides bets have been hedged
Harry Reid’s been a jerk
And Boehner is one too
No matter the outcome
It’s higher taxes for you!

Happy New Year from Poet Paul

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  1. dont quit your day job… if ya got one

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