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Can One Forget Details Of First Booze Encounter?

Senior Mike Crapo got the standard penalty Friday for first time DUI (DWI in Virginia)–drivers license is suspended for one year, he was ordered to pay a $250 fine and attend alcohol awareness classes for 10 weeks.

He begged forgiveness and apologized outside the Alexandria, Virginia court after the sentence was handed down. Idaho media is mixed in its editorial conclusions, but the consensus is the conviction probably won’t hinder his re-election chances in four years.

We thought it rather glib when Crapo told AP he tried alcohol for the first time about a year ago but couldn’t remember the details…there are certain “firsts” that are hard to forget and if that “first” was within a year’s time it would be hard for most people to forget.

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  1. Grumpy ole guy
    Jan 4, 2013, 6:37 pm

    Well, the thing I remember from my first encounter with alcohol mostly, is that I knew I’d be “trying” it again and again and again . . . . .

  2. brian vermillion
    Jan 4, 2013, 6:47 pm

    Yeah I am not buying that story either. Also his claim of not being able to sleep just doesn’t sound logical either.

  3. Maybe he didn’t swallow. Just swished it around a bit and spit it out on 8th St.

  4. Usually when there is a 1st. time DUI,there are other times when one wasn’t caught !

  5. Too bad Harry Reid wasn’t there to keep him honest, or at least “take the curse off” the one that pushed old Mike over the limit.

    Oh, that’s right, they profess to be on different teams. . .

  6. Sounds like a politician covering his but!Frist time? Ya right! I do believe theres more to this story.

  7. He obviously remembers it. He just does not want to talk about it. He’s very ashamed.

  8. Didn’t Boise also have a Mayor that couldn’t sleep that got into a little trouble?

  9. First, I suspect there is more to this than has been published and I am reasonably certain Mr. Crapo is hoping it does not come out for public scrutiny.

    Most people with bouts of restlessness do not decided to climb into a two ton chunk of motorize steel and start a relaxing drive about town after drinking an excessive amount of alcohol. They watch TV, read a book, tie flies or whatever but they don’t drive a car.

    I hope Mr. Crapo can get this behind him but right now there’s more we don’t know than we do about this incident.

    We hired this guy to make reasoned and difficult decisions that impact all of us and we get this episode that leaves more questions unanswered. The truth will set you free Mr. Crapo and the people who hired you to do a job for all of us are waiting.

  10. I liked Crapo, but he lost a few notches by assuming these shallow excuses are plausible.

  11. Yeh, I think it is a mistake to give details. Whether true or not, the idea of “going for a drive” to unwind is comical. I mean, what is this, like the 1930’s? People don’t go for drives to relax. And, if you go so far as to give an actual timeline of your drinking history, you might as well expect some people to question it, and it better be true! One little slip and all of the sudden the story comes back to life again.

  12. All of this makes me wonder if Mr. Crapo would sign the BG’s “honor code” efffort.

  13. costaprettypenny
    Jan 8, 2013, 5:14 pm

    My Dad told me years ago “never take just one Mormon on a hunting trip or he will drink all of your whiskey and smoke all your cigars. You have to take two so they will watch each other!”

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