Idaho Gas To Rescue Frozen Montana Town

With temperatures below zero in West Yellowstone, Montana it’s important to heat homes and places like fire stations with tanker trucks of water.

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission today granted Intermountain Gas Company emergency authority to sell up to 100,000 gallons of liquefied natural gas from its Nampa LNG facility to aid residents of West Yellowstone, Montana, where anticipated shortages of LNG due to a power outage could leave residents without heating fuel. Years ago it got so cold the water in the fire trucks froze solid, effectively putting the department out of business.

Intermountain told the commission it has an adequate supply of LNG stored at its Nampa facility. Energy West has an LNG truck-trailer it can send to Nampa as soon as Intermountain Gas is granted commission authority to sell the gas. It won’t cost Idaho ratepayers anything to help their neighbors according to the PUC.

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