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Don’t Bring Gun To a Knife Fight

A Nampa man armed with a pistola bravely confronted a stranger in his friend’s back yard Wednesday night and like all too many weapon wielders ended up getting shot with his own gun AND stabbed.

Coppers say it’s unclear who actually fired, but the stranger fled the scene following a scuffle.

The take away: “When you confront a 6 ft. 260 lb. dude in the dark, while packing heat be prepared to pull the trigger. Otherwise you may piss him off and he will do things with the gun that are unpleasant at best.”

Even better, don’t take a gun to a knife fight.

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  1. You make a very good point Guardian. One has to be prepared to pull the trigger. Part of the problem here is your mind races through things like, if I shoot this intruder in my back yard at night, am I going to be charged with a felony?

    It would be a nightmare of court costs, media gawking and court appearances.

    That’s why the 2nd Amendment really means nothing without stand your ground legal protection.

    If someone is in my yard at night, and I say hey, and they then approach me I need to be certain I will not be arrested when I shoot them. And this leads us to training… and I’ll just keep it short.

    Regardless, I should not have to call dispatch and wait 5 minutes for the cops to come.

    EDITOR NOTE–This incident was in a friend’s back yard. Also if you really need a cop fast just call 911 and say “a policeman needs help at____”

  2. My earliest training in the use of a handgun in self-defense included the instruction “Never pull your weapon to defend yourself unless you are prepared to shoot the aggressor”.

  3. I was not there and do not know the specific details…

    Perhaps this was an unintended surprise confrontation? However, it seems that those with guns need more training on the law and wise use. CCP in Idaho is for use after expending all other options… such as avoiding the confrontation. Unless the confrontation is needed to protect (defensive) self or another human, it should not happen. I’m not saying let em’ get away, but you can scare them off and follow from 200 feet until the cops get there? Well? maybe not… that’s what the guy in Florida was doing and he’s on trial for murder) Other options here are to let the 90 lb. dog tear him up or spray paint him with a mega can of bear spray? And remember the cop’s 17′ rule for use of deadly force if someone is coming after you with intent… Just avoid even the appearance of being the aggressor. Think courtroom and liberal media rehashing the situation. (Yes, our Boise TV people are anti-gun liberals)

    Man in Minnesota is on trial for murder because he shot two robbers IN HIS HOUSE when the circumstance did not warrant shooting. Texas law allows armed protection/confrontation over property offences but Idaho does not… we should consider having our conservative state leaders change this… however it gives the local vigilantly nut-job a lot more rope too.

    One more thing. People don’t seem to understand that even when deadly force is justified, the perp and/or his family will find a sleazy lawyer and sue you in civil court for well beyond any insurance policy.

  4. Editor, You are wrong when you say to “just call 911 and say a policeman needs help at ___.” If an officer has to drive 5 miles to get there, it is still going to take the same amount of time to cover that distance. You assume the officers will some how get there faster if an officer needs help. Do the laws of physics somehow change? That was a back handed slap at all officers implying they will drive slowly to a citizens call for help. You sir, are shameful.

    EDITOR NOTE–Lighten up. That entire story was listed as HUMOR and INTERESTING STUFF beginning with the headline.

  5. Way to go Editor! Telling people that if they really want a cop fast, lie to Dispatch and tell them that a “Policeman needs help at..” By suggesting people they should do that, you have just endangered the lives of citizens and the police.

    You now have Dispatch sending officers to locations believing that there is an Officer there who is in harms way that no one knows about. And you have endangered citizens because these Officers will most likely drive with lights and siren to this potential emergency which always inherently puts the public at safety.

    As usual, you just don’t think about what you post.

  6. Jason Robinson
    Feb 8, 2013, 12:38 pm

    Really? You think the moral of the story is don’t bring a gun to a knife fight? That is the exact OPPOSITE of all Idaho Police training received by police officers at the ISP POST academy.

  7. Jason Robinson
    Feb 8, 2013, 12:40 pm

    Humor? This article is listed as Humor? What on earth is a serious topic for you if an armed robber in your backyard that is threatening your life is a humorous story….

  8. I believe they determined the poor victim shot himself in the leg. I believe it’s impossible to imagine such a situation – lives on the line, adrenaline pumping, etc. – if one hasn’t experienced it.

    Even cops who routinely train at the shooting range have trouble hitting the intended target under such circumstances.

    Regarding the Guardian’s suggestion of reporting “policeman needs help,” it’s unfortunate that a brother cop would merit preferential treatment over a common old taxpaying citizen, but I guess I can understand that.

  9. donuts and truth
    Smeg and TimG, funny that you repond that way, yet it is the truth, just as TimG makes clear. He is revealing that in his opinion police will respond differently if one of their own is harm’s way. A regular burglarly call somehow doesnt’ put the public in danger, but an officer involved does??? Timg your are reaffirming the point, even if it was made in jest.

  10. Jason, it seems like what is taught at POST is not really worth useing to clean up the dog mess in the back yard. See Josh’s comments on the story trying to justify shooting up an innocent persons truck. Face it, as bad as I hate to agree with Dave (sorry Dave) he is right… if a joe schmuck needs a cop in a hurry… it will take time… but say a cop needs help and off duty guys will come running… they have no concern for you… they are there to protect each other….

  11. Why go to a knife fight in the first place? If you’d like to stop one, leave the shooting to the coppers who get paid to do such things.

  12. Jason,

    Within 21 feet a Knife wielder has very good change of stabbing you before you can shoot him

    The closer you are to a knife wielder the more likely you’re the one who is going to die if you plan on using a gun.

    A gun is a moderately deadly ranged weapon, a knife is a highly deadly close combat weapon.

    People took Indiana Jones way too seriously, sure if a guy is just standing off at a distance and letting you have the chance to draw and shoot sure a gun is better. But any knife wielder with an ounce of sense will be coming at you before you even realize it.

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