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Boise Artists Fail To Make Cut For City Hall Project

Once again, local artists have failed to come up to the standards for public art that appeal to Boise’s art selection committee. At issue is what to put in front of City Hall as part of the remodel. A city panel chose Volkan Alkanoglu from Atlanta; a team of artists called Actual Size from Stoughton, […]

Team Dave Suporters Run For G-BAD, Is Baseball Park The Motive?

While the upcoming election for the Greater Boise Auditorium District board is like a massive dose of Ambien to most folks, we see a potential behind the scenes “take over” by Team Dave which could be a dream or nightmare, depending on your point of view. Incumbents Stephanie Astorquia and Rob Perez are seeking reelection […]

ISP Lt. Colonel “Sprouts Wings”

Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Powell has sprouted wings as the new “Bird Colonel” for the Idaho State Police. The promotion by Gov. Butch Otter puts the career trooper/bird colonel at the top of the pecking order for ISP where he has served throughout Idaho including posts in Boise, Coeur d’Alene and eastern Idaho. Most recently he […]

Bonner County Violates Law In Effort To Skirt Voters

In the latest example of local officials skirting voter approval for debt in excess of a single year’s revenues, Bonner County finds itself crosswise of the Idaho Constitution. Instead of asking permission of citizens as prescribed in Article VIII, sec. 3 of the Idaho Constitution, Bonner Commishes simply took a lesson from their Federal counterparts […]

Politics Is Tearing Us Apart, City, County, State, And National

Rather than jump at every stupid move by government, we have been reluctant to post much in the way of comments on recent political events…”no news if good news” reasoning. Contrary to popular belief among some politicos, the GUARDIAN does NOT like to have a negative slant on every topic that comes along. However, we […]

No “Cutting Remarks” For ACHD From Boise Forestry Crew

We don’t know the players, but here is a potential candidate for public office in the form of a Boise City tree trimmer named Steve Markel. We doubt he cleared his comments with the mayor’s office, but Team Dave could sure use his talents in the P.R. department–not just as a tree trimmer. ACHD and […]

Lawsuit Against Ada County Over Dynamis To Be Withdrawn

Counsel for the group suing Ada County over the Dynamis debacle have notified the GUARDIAN they intend to drop the complaint since it was against the former Ada Commishes and the new board has canceled the contract–at a cost of $2 million. In a statement they said, “The plaintiffs in the Idaho Citizens, et al., […]

Valley Taxpayers To Fund Chamber Of Commerce Sun Valley Junket

For the 20th year citizens of Treasure Valley will be asked to fund a SUN VALLEY JUNKET for various elected officials and government staffers to learn about making Boise and the surrounding area more appealing to businesses and tourists. The Chamber of Commerce website post says: This year’s theme will be: “Building Livable Cities in […]

Lawmen Circle The Wagons In Anticipation Of Criminal Charges

Police and prosecutors are circling the wagons in anticipation of indictments against local coppers in the near future. The IDAHO STATESMAN ran a big rehash Sunday of the story posted last June by the GUARDIAN about the demise of Robert Berrier’s career in law enforcement following a forced resignation for sexual misconduct with a drug […]

Star Fire Commishes Resign Amid Tangled Financial Web

The entire Star Fire District board of commissioners has resigned today in the midst of a tangled financial web that is bound to rival that of the Nampa School District mess, although over fewer dollars. Here is the official press release: Commissioners Gunnar Howarth, John Miller and Jeff Sedivec of the Star Fire Joint Protection […]

Boise City Travel Expenses Soar 27%

The Daily Paper posted a story today which said an internal audit caught some small issues regarding department travel. Most of the things mentioned by auditor Steve Rehn dealt with late reports and lack of receipts. The big issue that jumped out at the GUARDIAN was a single year jump from $471,300 for travel in […]

Boise FAA Tower To Control Bozeman

In what can only be an “ironic irony” the new Boise air traffic control tower which is head and shoulders above most any building in the state will serve as the approach control radar service for Bozeman, Montana. Before the politicos got involved, the plan was to have Boise’s TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control) operated […]

Smooth Sailing At Crow Hill, Spring Planting

After a year of talks with glider enthusiasts, Idaho Fish and Game has agreed to allow folks to take to the skies east of Boise at the Hammer Flat land purchased from Boise City. The Season will begin May 1 and run through November 15. This Saturday, March 2nd at 8:00 am folks will be […]

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