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Boise Has No Authority For Trolley

Looks like that pesky IDAHO CONSTITUTION has gotten in the way of Team Dave once again. Mayor Dave Bieter is set to ask the City Council Tuesday for funds for yet another street car, trolley study. What he should be doing is sucking up to the ACHD Commishes because that group holds ALL the cards […]

Crapo, Risch Sponsor Bear Skin Rug Bill

Just in time for weekend news reports comes a bill introduced in the U.S. Senate for Americans who legally killed polar bears in Canada five years ago, but didn’t get their trophy furs across the border before the 2008 law banning import of dead bear parts was passed. Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch introduced […]

Ada Hires Former Colleague Of Commish Case

A new Business Process Analyst at the Ada County Landfill is, “Already knee deep in projects,” according to county operations director Dave Logan. The GUARDIAN received word that Benny Poole, a former hearing officer at the Idaho Parole Commission and former colleague of Ada Commish Chairman Dave Case had been hired April 15 at an […]

A Matter Of Taste: Geese From Canada, Not Italy

Hoping the geese which have become pests at local parks are purebred Canada geese and not of Italian descent, tests are underway at Sandy Point below Lucky Peak to see if garlic spray works to deter geese at the swimming area. Following a tip from reader Dave Ellis of Homedale, the GUARDIAN cut a deal […]

Got Any Story Ideas?

We seem to have temporarily run out of material for the GUARDIAN. Without the legislature churning out new laws or the city council spending our cash for a Sun Valley Junket, we don’t have much to discuss. The GUARDIAN was three weeks ahead of the DAILY PAPER on the GBAD election, so nothing new there. […]

Boise Council Wisely Approves State Garage

With the state of Idaho’s legal ax hanging over its head, the Boise City Council used some wisdom and approved a parking garage to built by the state near the Capitol Building. As predicted in a February POSTING “higher authority” prevailed over the over zealous design review committee. Council President Maryanne Jordan publicly spanked the […]

Do Charter Schools Comply With Idaho Constitution?

The financial failure of the North Star Charter School in Eagle–and at least six other charters– has raised questions for which the GUARDIAN is finding it difficult to get answers. While these schools seem to be following the Idaho Code, there are some legitimate legal questions regarding the Idaho Constitution. These step children of traditional […]

Court Ruling On Hospitals Could Prompt Tax Payments

Idaho’s Tax Commission is claiming St. Luke’s Hospital and Elks Rehab owe more than $400,000 in sales tax on purchases the institutions claimed are exempt. The joint venture run by the non-profit hospitals are “for profit ventures” in the eyes of the tax commission, but the hospitals see it differently. They have filed a legal […]

ACHD Has App To Report Street Issues

While they haven’t issued shovels to motorists yet, ACHD has a new app for electronic devices which allows drivers to report issues electronically–as long as they don’t text and drive. Now you can connect to the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) and report roadway issues from your smartphone. We took a look at it and […]

Sun Valley Junket MAY be Public Meeting

A Chamber of Commerce-sponsored junket to Sun Valley April 21-23 for Boise Valley politicos has the potential of creating a challenge to Idaho’s Open Meeting law and opening the private conference to all comers. The GUARDIAN has learned a quorum of Boise’s City Councilors–four members–have filed with the clerk to receive $885 in tax money […]

Idaho Senator’s Wife Draws Ire Of U.S. Judge

In an order issued Monday, U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill suggested Renee McKenzie, wife of lawyer and Idaho Senator Curt McKenzie, may have violated Idaho Code by practicing law without a license. The judge characterized Renee McKenzie’s dealing with a prison inmate as a “side show” for the court, a “serious security risk for […]

No Drunks Or Walk-Ins At Detox Center

While working on a story about Boise’s relationship with Alcoholics Anonymous, we learned Boise’s Detox Center is not what it was cracked up to be. The facility may be well intended, save money for the hospitals, and provide services to some of those in need. It doesn’t fill the role it was touted as filling. […]

AA Faces 300,000% Rent Hike In Historic Fire Station

The local Grapevine Club of Alcoholics Anonymous is facing a 3000% increase in rent for its meeting and clubhouse space at 1518 W. Fort St. For more than 60 years Boise City has leased the facility for $1 a year. As of May 1, the City is demanding a monthly rent of $300, waiving rent […]

Football World Stunned by Green Turf Decision

Facebook and the internet are abuzz over word that BSU has forsaken the blue “smerf turf” for the traditional green fake grass. See the ANNOUNCEMENT. GUARDIAN readers in Florida sent along this picture, happy at least to preserve the end zones in the blue.

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