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Balance GBAD Board To Prevent A Strong Majority

The GUARDIAN has had numerous inquiries of “Who should I vote for in the GBAD election?”

The big issue is what to do with a $13 million nest egg from the hotel room tax burning a hole in the collective pocket of the candidates. Some want a publicly funded baseball park. Others want a bigger convention center jammed into an already crowded downtown. No candidate has suggested locations outside the downtown core which would provide easy freeway access or at the fairgrounds where parking is not an issue and a ballpark already exists.

We don’t endorse candidates, but in this election we think the best advice is to keep the board balanced–or off balance–to prevent a strong majority for either the Mayor Dave Bieter pro baseball park camp or the incumbent “expand the convention center group.”

The conservative slate includes Peter Oliver, Stephanie Astorquia, and Rob Perez.

Those in the Team Dave takeover group include George Tway, Jim Walker, and Steve Berch.

The Bieter/takeover group all have Demo leanings and the support of chairman Hy Kloc who also is a state rep. We oppose allowing officials to hold more than one elective office. Kloc has proven it doesn’t work as he missed several Greater Boise Auditorium District meetings during the legislative session.

The DAILY PAPER did an admirable job Sunday of Q & A with the candidates.

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  1. His wife is managing the BIETER boys campaign.

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    May 20, 2013, 4:47 pm

    How about letting the AA use the facilities free of charge for their meetings and social gatherings.

  3. check out his “skills” on his linkedin page…. great if you on HIS side… and make sure you contact him for a “business deal”…

  4. Hy Kloc is a waste of time and shouldn’t even be on the board. Astorquia and Perez out? Good call Boise. And as for Steve Berch? Maybe Pat Rice and his cushy little marketing team who have NOTHING to show for the gobs of public money they spend will finally get what they deserve. I’d like to see the Guardian do a little ROI article on the public funds this crew is spending on “marketing the center.”

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