M3 To Get A Single Vote (Updating Previous Post)

In an election eve development Monday afternoon, Ada County Clerk Chris Rich as decided to “spoil” all 50 of the ballots sent to M3 headquarters in Arizona.

However, M3 has come up with a local “authorized rep” in Ada County who will be allowed to cast a single ballot, bringing the number of voters to 6 deciding the fate of $781 million in bonds and interest. Five of the voters are renting property within the Community Infrastructure District. The M3 rep does not live within the district, but is being considered a “property owner” for purposes of voting.

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  1. This is bizarre. This law was obviously conceived to shift huge costs to average people so that developers could make a ton of money right away. And the whole concept of voting has been turned on its face. What’s next? Why not allow non-citizens to vote in Idaho? Why not just let anyone vote on anything they want to vote on no matter where they live? Ridiculous. An F- to our legislature for getting suckered into this nonsense by the typical crowd of lobbyists and associated interests.

    EDITOR NOTE–Mr. Bond, you summarized it well and correctly. That’s why we were so concerned

  2. Thank you for all your efforts in making public the details of this CID. Its good to know the character,principles,business and legislative practices of those involved. Also on the ballot is the vote for the Eagle City hall. In my opinion a yes vote on buying the hall is a travisty to all in this land that worked so hard to establish and protect our democratic right to vote and a flagrant disregard for those that voted majority 3 times against its original building.

    I wonder if the dictionary defines sleezebag or carpet bagger.

  3. The vote should be interesting. Either M3 has this in the bag and they are already celebrating or they are sweating bullets right now.

    As for the critic of the CID, just my view on the price of gas. Don’t like it, don’t buy it.

    An investor for these bonds should do his due diligence before buying them. Also a potential homeowner should not purchase anything without reading the contract/liens.

  4. I wonder how much one vote is worth?

  5. I see the vote as disgusting rather than interesting. I find the manner in which this CID was set up deplorable. No voters, then property bought and brought in to vote. Is the new one vote also the M3 partner and Eagle citizen? Too many sacrifice too much for the priceless gift of proper voting procedure to be tarnished.

  6. It is precisely stuff like this that turns off people to politics. It is why public polls show such a low level of approval for the parties and why groups like the Tea Party generate lots of followers. It is shameful.

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