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$15.86: The Value Of A Vote In Ada

What can you get in Ada County for $15.86? A chance to exercise your right to cast a single vote.

Chief Deputy Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane has made his final tabulations and reports the cost of the May 21 election was just shy of $150,000. Even with few issues on the consolidated election ballot, it still took around 700 workers to run the machines, staff the precincts, and supervise.

McCrane noted only 9,457 ballots were cast. That means each vote cost nearly $16–the price of democracy.

Greater Boise Auditorium District’s election drew a whopping 6,104 votes out of a total eligible electorate of 122, 850. That means about 5% of the voters turned out.

Eagle voters took top prize with an %18 participation in the democratic process.

With more staff, ballots, and planning involved, the November presidential election costs came to about $750,000. Turnout in November was 184,000 which comes out to $4.07 per vote. There is obvious economy in numbers. The GUARDIAN encourages “bulk purchases” in future elections to reduce the cost per vote.

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