Iron Man Good For Some Businesses, Traffic Nightmare

Bicyclist on a rural road in northern Belgium.
Several tales of “you can’t get there from here” over road closures due to the Iron Man event Saturday have reached the GUARDIAN.

We would like to hear your take on it. Anything from delayed trips to the market, increased business at your restaurant or hotel, to cost for coppers.

Who benefits, who suffers? Are the trade offs worth it?

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  1. Re: Iron Man.
    We live just off of Bergeson and Federal Way. My wife takes my aging MIL to church on Saturdays at around 4:30. They would not let her cross Bergeson and instead rerouted her to a spot on Boise Ave that was at standstill; never did get to church. My opinion, not worth it unless someone comes up with a route that is not so disruptive.

  2. For the past few years all I hear from downtown businesses is the nightmare that Ironman is – it sacks business on the first real summer weekend. Time for this monster to die. It brings a bunch of out of staters to the area – and few if any have much cash to spend. They get in, use up our services (BIG OT for the coppers), and leave. Locals don’t care but are inconvenienced in multiple ways.

    Time for this thing to end.

  3. knucklehead
    Jun 9, 2013, 10:40 pm

    Enough! Every weekend there are roads shut down because of some “ribbon walk” or a “raising of awareness” at the expense of those of us that pay for the roads in fuel taxes and various fees. A biker or jogger cannot make the claim unless they have a license plate hanging from their rear end.

  4. Bob and IronDeath, go on vacation (out of town) next year! Are you friggn’ kidding me? AGAIN, this (and others) EVENT puts Boise on the map…the participants (from all over the country and world) L-O-V-E coming here because of us who live here. NOT because of the course (same mental/physical nightmare everywhere these knuckleheads encounter) but the PEOPLE…I am sick and tired of those that seem to criticize the efforts of those that want to “share” Boise and what it has to offer. EVERYONE who volunteered their efforts making this happen…THANK YOU!
    Now go build a ‘transportation hub’….
    BTW…finished the course early yesterday…

  5. Route planning seems to be designed by the race organizers with little (perhaps none?) concern for the residents of Ada and Boise Counties. Vehicle traffic lanes are blocked while dedicated bike paths go unused! Traffic on Highway 21 between Warm Springs and Grand Forest was one way with a ten minute wait. Vehicle traffic was backed up east and west for over a mile each way while the adjacent bike path went unused. Why?

    Boaters were denied access at Turner and Barclay bay for one day. Even the View Point at Lucky Peak was closed. Why?

    Who benefits and who suffers? Should thousands of residents suffer for one day while 1300 competitors experience the thrill of victory and agony of defeat?

  6. Ivan: Vacation! Great idea, will you take my MIL to church next year?

  7. I don’t want a transpo hub. And I don’t want “Boise on the map” — Dave calls it “Growthophobe” — we don’t need any more idiots here.

  8. This is sheer lazy and arrogant planning. An Ironman could be held here without this kind of traffic disruption. I just don’t think they’ve sat down and planned it properly. I’d like to see a real serious effort to do this and keep the event going, but if this is what we get, then I really just cannot throw my support behind it or any other similar event that might pop up in the future.

  9. This silliness also prevented lots of regular visitors to the new Farmers Market, on Saturdays at 11th and Front, from being there because parking was nonexistent.

    I also object to the running of races in and around regular Boise city routes, including Harrison Blvd., among others. Why can’t they do it over in the Harris Ranch subs?

    I was spared trying to reach the Farmers Market bcause I got up too late and had to visit Eagle market that day……found out later from my son what happened. Sheesh

  10. Zippo. Bike riding leads to population control! Now ever time I see all the guys pedaling there derriere down Hill road I’ll think of how there helping out.

  11. Rod in SE Boise
    Jun 11, 2013, 11:54 am

    It WAS inconvenient.

  12. Caltrops.

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