Bieter Not So Subtle In Run For Gov.

The past few days of news in the Daily Paper citing Boise’s mayor and his wisdom on jobs, highway impact fees, Guv Butch Otter, attracting business, all lead us to conclude he is running for governor.

According to an ACHD press release, the mayor spouts anecdotes like Ronald Reagan–worth a laugh, but shy on facts. The highway district brass claim to be “mystified” over an unsubstantiated Bieter claim over unfair impact fees for a restaurant which was not built.

If the Dems want a shot at the gov’s chair they better come up with a candidae who isn’t in the business of making enemies out of would-be friends. Bieter led the campaign to disenfranchise voters when it comes to approving debt for airports, but now claims to favor a $50 million bond for everything from fire stations to parks.

Team Dave apparently can’t live within its means despite increased budgets and no tax cuts during the recent economic hard times which saw every other unit of government cutting back.

He won’t talk with the GUARDIAN, but mainstream media needs to query him on efforts to increase city revenue through higher appraised values which increases taxes even if levies remain constant.

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  1. idahocrystal
    Jun 13, 2013, 10:06 am

    He’s not making much of an impression on the rest of the State that’s not Boise with his whining about the lack of state $ for Boise and BSU, either…

  2. Fascinating thought. I have, of course, imagined he would run for Governor or perhaps a federal office at some point. Clearly, he would do better in Boise, vote-wise, than any recent Democrat running for the Governor’s office. However, I imagine that the anti-Boise rhetoric would reach a crescendo, the likes of which we have not ever seen from other parts of the state, particularly northern Idaho. It would be so easy and tempting, like political meth, for the Republican opponent and his supporters to stir this drink. Dangerous, though. You wouldn’t want Boise to forever feel resentful. Anyways, just thinking out loud….

  3. Bieter may WANT to be Governor, but he will NEVER be Governor. He’s reached the apex of his taxation and spending. I think he fashions himself a big city Dem mayor that feels he can bombast, vilify and lecture his way to what he wants.

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Jun 13, 2013, 2:06 pm

    We do need to get the Republicans out, but Bieter is so much like a Republican with his secretiveness (his crew runs the city like it’s the NSA or CIA) and pro-business leanings, I just don’t see any benefit from electing him to anything.

  5. chicago sam
    Jun 13, 2013, 5:04 pm

    Those who think a Boise Mayor with progressive ideas is unelectable in a Statewide election would do well to remember Dirk Kempthorne. With Republicans involved in inclusive tactics such as a closed primary and vetting before names can be put on the ballot, they should beware. A lot of Independents are being alienated. Somebody such as Bieter could be the unintended beneficiary

  6. What’s this about the mayor’s “efforts to increase city revenue through higher appraised values”?

    You probably mean “assessed” values, which last I checked were set by the (Republican) county assessor not the mayor.

    The mayor does have some say on the city’s levy rates, which went up when assessments dropped.

    EDITOR NOTE–We actually meant both. It’s appraising that leads to the assessment. We hear the appraisal formula was questioned in an attempt to get assessment higher. Result would have been a political move to raise revenues without raising the levy. The attempt failed.

  7. David B. Hall
    Jun 13, 2013, 6:25 pm

    As the guy who ran against Dave in the last election, I can tell you he has no class. Not only did he ignore every debate that was offered in the community, he didn’t even call me to thank me for running a clean campaign.

    I will be running for Governor of Idaho in the next election and believe me when I say, I’m not pulling any more punches.

    Idaho politicians, both Democrap and Republican’t are as corrupt as they come. My advice, don’t vote for either party, they are really two sides of the same useless coin.

    Vote David B. Hall for Gov of Idaho
    I’m one of you.

  8. Idahocrystal
    Jun 14, 2013, 11:39 am

    @Mr. Hall – While I appreciate your non-partisanship, I would like to offer a bit of very unsolicited advice: You’ll go much farther in any bid for public affection with grace and diplomacy. Stick to the issues and no matter what, never resort to name calling.
    Nobody wants to elect a man to public office who can’t respect someone else’s views, even if those views are really off the wall.

  9. I received a notification that the appraised value of our home went up by 25% and then D.Beater(sic) wants to raise our taxes. If you can’t get a bus line named after you–you try something else.

  10. Mr. “I don’t have enough money so I want more…..of yours?”

    Will be hard pressed to get any votes outside the North End and the Democrat districts in Boise.

  11. Property values goes down they raise the levy rates – rake in more money than they had before.

    The property values go up – they commit legal robbery.

    And don’t dare ask them to lower the levy rates!

  12. David B. Hall
    Jun 17, 2013, 9:34 am


    I appreciate your comment however placating peoples sensitivity is what has allowed this mess to happen.

    I will not coddle ignorance, nor be gentle with foolishness.
    Those behaviors are far too dangerous to treat lightly.


  13. He will win if he runs:

    Local: Most in this area will vote for him because of name recognition. Being otherwise clueless as most voters are, that’s all it will take. Outstate: The local liberal media, which controls all media in the state, will carry the remander of the state in his favor with layers of BS broadcast 24/7. (yes they are very liberal… didn’t used to be but sure are now)

    If he does not win, he and pals will have pocketed millions from all the national money poured into the fight… so he wins either way.

    I’m just hoping we can get him out of the mayor’s office.

  14. The Shadow Knows
    Jun 18, 2013, 9:09 am

    Given the current make up of statewide politics,a Democrat will not be able to be elected to Governor for the forseable future. The GOP has a lock on this state. You only have to look at results of the last 20 years and see how poorly the Dem’s have done even when running a strong candidate. Mr. Bieter ought to keep his job as mayor, otherwise, he will become just another unemployed former democrat politician just Like, LaRocco, Minnick, Grant, Lefavour,etc.,etc.,

  15. I live in S.E. Boise and I won’t vote for him. He hasn’t met a tax he didn’t like. That’s why I’m moving. I pay more property taxes now, then when my house was worth 30% more in 2007. I don’t like him as mayor and it petrifies me to think of him as Governor.

  16. Maybe it’s time to reform the property tax xystem. Oh yeah… I forgot…no one will do make any meaningful change.

  17. The mayor is in it for one thing, and that’s his California-sized ego. However, Ds have a running chance now that the Tea-party-on-ers have alienated independent and moderate voters with the party purity test and closed primaries. Politics in Idaho might get interesting again …

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