ISP Top Copper Writes First Ticket In 11 Years

A young Owyhee County driver has earned a distinction he would probably rather not own. His 70 mph run through a 35 mph chip seal construction zone, including passing Idaho State Police Col. Ralph Powell, prompted Powell to issue the first citation he has written in 11 years.
Ralph Powell
The ISP boss was on Highway 78 between Marsing and Murphy Wednesday participating in a July 4th Weekend safety campaign called, “All Hands On Deck” which put every uniformed officer in the state on the road–including himself. The desk jockies all had to get behind the wheel and show the colors in an effort to reduce traffic accidents and promote safe driving.

Powell has been a district commander and headquarters command staffer so long, his ticket book looks like a historical artifact. He confessed to the GUARDIAN he had to dig around in the trunk of his unmarked car just to find it.

“I hadn’t really planned to make any contacts. I was just doing motorist assists and checking on abandoned vehicles so the troops could concentrate on the freeway,” said Powell.

Powell said the young driver was, “a really nice kid, but he sure wasn’t paying attention!”

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  1. Fun story! Well done Sir! Many have been the times when I wished that someone like you was traveling with us to correct dangerous scofflaws like this young man.
    I hope that the fine, and attendant points are painful enough that this little peckerwood will think two or three times about endangering other’s property (windshields, radiators and vehicle paint) to say nothing of putting lives in real jeopardy.
    Thanks again, Boss.

  2. I can certainly understand the kid doing 70 out in the middle of nowhere in an arbitrary 35 Mph chip seal project zone. Miles and miles of nothing will put you to sleep at 35 mph.

    A rock hits your windshield at 35 will still crack glass. The combined velocity from oncoming traffic doing 35 amounts to 70 Mph when vehicles approach from opposite directions.

    Summer chip sealing projects are looked forward to by windshield glass repair and replacement shops.
    The kid will now be $75 bucks poorer and a point against his driving.

  3. Bummer that it might be a fine of only 75 Obama Marks.
    I hope it is two or three times that much and several points on his record. Middle of no where? Not if you live there.
    I am tired of replacing glass from the actions of self important little scofflaws.
    By the way flyhead “dude” (and I mean that in the original context) go ahead and smack your hard little forehead with a rock doing 35 mph, or 70 according to your creative scenario and then stop another one launched at 105 mph and another at 140 and see what does the most damage. Since you are, seemingly willing to expose my vehicles, I just as gleefully volunteer your forehead.

    Oh yeah, since you consider this area to be the “middle of nowhere” perhaps we will be fortunate enough to not have to contend with your presence here/

    EDITOR NOTE–Not to worry DH. The ticket was for INATTENTIVE DRIVING which is a misdemeanor, not an infraction. Its worth several hundred of your Obama Marks and 4 points.

  4. That smile on his face show a man with the confidence of a strong retirement and medical benefits that the working people of Idaho will never have.

  5. “the confidence of a strong retirement and medical benefits that the working people of Idaho will never have.”

    That’s because they all vote Republican, no matter what their circumstances. Serves ’em right, voting like their great-grampas.

  6. Thanks Mame.

  7. That’s awesome–I’ve had times where I’ve really wished a trooper or deputy was nearby to deal with a similar situation. It’s great that the Colonel was there! Thanks for the service, sir.

  8. What retirement medical plan are you speaking of? Far as I know there is PERSI for retirement and medical is on the individual. Now the military, they have paid medical. Are you sure you are not confused?

    I know that after 30 years of service I will get a whopping $2500 a month before taxes and medical will be entirely on me. Yepper that’s quite the cadillac pension plan you are all moaning about. The best part is the Tea party is gonna save us all and try to do away with pension plans and make those good for nothing public employees do more with less. Aren’t you proud?

    EDITOR NOTE–Coppers have a great self-administered medical plan paid be taxpayers for the most part.

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