Boise Wins Political “Hockey Game” 3-2

Boise City’s Team Dave won a “hockey game” at Wednesday’s Ada County Highway District meeting where the issue of embedding hockey puck-like parking sensors in the street was discussed. In the end it was 3-2 in favor of allowing the pucks, but not before ACHD chair Sara Baker got in a few high stick swings about proposed parking rate hikes.

Boise appeared to be skating on thin ice when ACHD workers previously discovered the pucks buried without permission in the asphalt. The commission was considering a “master agreement” with Boise City which covered everything from valet parking policies to the maintenance and liability of the pucks.

In a last period comeback move, Boise eventually took the lead when ACHD Commish Jim Hansen scored a goal for the city with conciliatory comments about agencies working together to benefit the citizens…a novel approach in the rough sport of political hockey.

It has been a long time rivalry between ACHD and Team Dave. Team Dave’s Ross Borden went to the penalty box after officials caught him delivering a nasty valentine to legislators about ACHD during the past session. He took a major pay cut and has been banished to the CCDC junior league team.

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  1. Grumpy ole guy
    Jul 25, 2013, 6:25 pm

    So, transparency and full disclosure do NOT apply between or among agency to agency activities? Cities, for example can alter street surfaces without notification to Highway Districts with nary a fare-the-well?

  2. Just curious if big brother’s hockey pucks have been hardened and tested against Electro Counter Measures (ECM)?

    It seems reasonable that some downtown frequenting, lover of liberty should test them with a powerful vehicle mounted “sweeper” Foreign Object Control (FOD) magnet as used by the US Air Force and many airports. Be pretty humorous if the gang’s gadgets ended up FUBAR’d.

    Just remember, if someone decides to parry with the pucks, keep the magnet bar clandestinely mounted UNDER your vehicle so the mayor’s enforcers, drones and multitudinous surveillance cameras don’t catch you.

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