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Unintended Consequences Law Resurfaces, God Bless

Boise’s City mothers and fathers are in another no-win situation as they consider an ordinance at 6 p.m. tonight which is aimed to reduce the number of panhandlers on city streets.
A homeless man sleeps on a park bench in London, England.
We asked it before: “If it is illegal for homeless poor folks (or even those who pose as such) to ask for cash, what about the fire department union guys and gals who seek to “fill the boot” for a charitable cause?” What about the doctor or lawyer who seeks a few quarters to hold off the parking Nazis. Do the coppers act as judge and allow the “good” beggars to operate, but cite the shabbily dressed?

They already made it illegal to consume alcohol within 250 feet of the river to limit the transients and floaters who like a cold one on a warm day. But now they want to allow BSU football fans to drink and tailgate on designated streets and in Julia Davis Park. Again, will transients be allowed to party if they paint their faces orange and blue or wear appropriate tee shirts?

The new ordinance makes it illegal to do lots of things that are certainly acceptable if you are of a certain age, political party, or dress appropriately. There are plenty of laws which apply to behavior associated with panhandling. Of course you can always “just say not,” or stare past the woman with a kid or dog who makes you feel guilty or angry at the skate board park.


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  1. Give em a roll of quarters and force em on a bus to Reno.

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    Jul 30, 2013, 11:37 am

    Well, good! I just hate all them damn bell ringers at Christmas time and what about stuffing those damn buses? Scandalous I say!


    EDITOR NOTE–Maybe this would be the way to take advantage of the GBAD and City plan to get new air routes to the east coast for $700,000!

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