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Cascade Shooting and Rescue Conducted In Near Secrecy With Media Blackout

With dozens of reporters from local and national media converging “on scene” at Cascade it was ironic that news of Hannah Anderson’s rescue and James DiMaggio’s death on Saturday came from the sheriff of San Diego County 1,000 away.

Reporters massed outside the Cascade emergency center–just like the television viewers across the USA–got the news from Sheriff Bill Gore in San Diego. Gore was a well spoken professional politico and copper, praising the cooperation and sharing the spotlight with his staff and the FBI.

It is easy for the law and order crowd to say, “kill the bastard,” and just as easy for some to immediately condemn the FBI for “shooting on sight.” We have to observe from afar there was a masterful job of information control emanating from those with the information and truth be told, there was little news from Cascade following the discovery of DiMaggio’s abandoned car east of town and a reported sighting by an alert horseback rider.

Citizens have no idea what really happened and the Feds will be the sole source of any information when it is released. The FBI shooting review team will likely offer little detail of the events at the mountain campsite. Some well placed “helmet cams” would go a long way toward instilling public trust in the collective operation.

Hint to legacy media: go after the coroner’s report which is a public record and will at least give citizens an idea of the number of shots in DiMaggio’s body and perhaps the caliber of the ammo.

It would be nice to know if the pretty 16-year-old was a captive or out for adventure. Was she a co-conspirator in a grizzly double arson-murder or a third victim? Before she is released to her father, that critical fact needs to be determined. The nightmare could finally be over…or just beginning.

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  1. Frankenstein Government
    Aug 11, 2013, 9:01 am

    We had the same reaction to the news this morning.

    Apparently the FBI remembers Idaho and Ruby Ridge. Well except this time, the were shooting at an alleged murderer- and not shooting the dog and relatives of some guy wanted on a firearms violation.

    Where was our county sheriff? Usually those guys stampede toward cameras.

    EDITOR NOTE–We noticed the lady sheriff of Valley County was discreetly absent the camera, deferring to seasoned media maven Andrea Dearden of Ada County.

  2. Brian Vermillion
    Aug 11, 2013, 9:32 am

    I also find it a little odd that it sounds as though he was just assassinated ruby ridge style from a snipers rifle. What if the girl went with him willingly? Yes we know almost nothing of the details and there may be a valid reason for his demise. I’m just saying it sounds like maybe other alternatives to bring the situation to a close weren’t given an opportunity to work.

  3. I was watching events on CNN at a Minneapolis restaurant and having been in Cascade July 21 I was keenly interested. I hoped Gov. Otter in his black cowboy hat could have wrestled Dimagio to the ground and tied him up like they do at the Stampede. Yes, I did see Ms. Deardon of Ada County on CNN.

  4. Grumpy ole guy
    Aug 11, 2013, 10:47 am

    Interesting that of all of the investigations the FBI has conducted about FBI agent slayings they have NEVER found that the agents have been at fault – never, not once in the history of the Bureau. Remarkable purity, eh what. Makes me proud to be an American; and more than a tad cynical.

  5. Rod in SE Boise
    Aug 11, 2013, 11:45 am

    Doing a “masterful job of information control” is NOT a good thing. Let the sunshine in.

    Sounds like the “authorities” were determined to kill this guy without a trial.

    On an only slightly un-related police-state topic, I saw an article about cops using swat teams for some very routine stuff. This whole police-state thing is WAY out of control.

  6. The body was probably whisked away to Salt Lake City where the lady FBI agent said all future news would come from. While in many ways I applaud the ending, the quick shutting down of all information raises questions. Coroner who examined Andrew Breitbart’s body died soon afterwards. Better get everything on tape. I would think one of the choppers already has their film processed.

  7. “It would be nice to know if the pretty 16-year-old was a captive or out for adventure. Was she a co-conspirator in a grizzly double arson-murder or a third victim? Before she is released to her father, that critical fact needs to be determined. The nightmare could finally be over…or just beginning.”

    Our sage editor is the only one so far responding to the multiple images of this teenager, posing provocatively, images allowed by her family to be shown on TV. One sexy photo side by side with the abductor. Sure raises a lot of questions, eh wot?

  8. Just proves once again that our state motto should be, “Idaho, where kalis and easterners come to kill each other!”

    Who is going to be “investigating” this latest shooting, “I see NOTHINGGGG/It’s all racist/Fast and Furious” Holder or will they perhaps dig out and dust off Lon Horiuchi’s vindicator?

    Twenty five years ago I would have hoisted a beer in celebration of the murderer’s demise. After untold numbers of shootings/field executions by the Feds (and apparent cover ups) I am no longer so jubilant at their seeming willingness to administer lead deficiency antidotes in clandestine operations.

    Do you suppose the Feds or Kalis will be picking up Andy Dearden and her buddies’ travel expenses, per diem and overtime tabs instead of us uninvolved Ada County bill payers?

  9. You can’t have it both ways. Obama has managed to control the media in an almost unbelievable manner and yet none of the usual suspects says a word. So you are upset and worried that a fluid, on going investigation has not given you all the information you want or think you deserve within an hour. Spare us your whining. Do something constructive. Find Obama’s transcripts, pinpoint the fall guy for the IRS harassment, locate the Benghazi survivors. Who gives a damn if the San Diego SO or the Ada County SO has their clone on the news first. Better yet get a job. You have a conspiracy staring you in the face but you refuse to do anything. Sheep.

  10. You are correct to not fall for the picture perfect scripting of the situation provided to the media. And if there was a legal problem with the shooting, we will not hear about it from the coppers.

    I bet $10 it was a long-range snipe shot without any conversation or warning. However, they can’t change the facts too much because the 16 yr. old may clear up the details on some talk show or book. (If she even knows what happened.)

    This would be a great opportunity to use the NSA data to find the truth about the whole intertanglement of these folks.

    Gotta wonder how many tan skinned dark haired men in the Cascade area were in the crosshairs before they spotted the right one. And gotta wonder if he really did the whole crime by himself like they say he did. If anyone else was involved, they just got away with murder… unless they use the NSA data to find everyone involved.

  11. The media is the forth branch of government… and it is so sad for this nation that they refuse to do their job.

  12. Your right hilarious Idaho is a bunch of sheep. Why we are a one party State.

  13. Diane Sower
    Aug 12, 2013, 4:34 am

    Out for an adventure? Are you ill? Her mother and brother were killed in front of her, then burned. She told her friend that this man “creeped” her out, after he told her he had a crush on her. Her parents stupidly allowed this man to take her on camping trips, and other so called fun things through out her life. I doubt this was an adventure she was looking for. Watch HLN sometime.

  14. Update: http://www.startribune.com/nation/219220181.html?page=all&prepage=1&c=y#continue

    EDITOR NOTE–Wouldn’t put too much stock in this report. Some places it is a “shoulder holster,” (pistol) others a “shoulder weapon,” (rifle). Wouldn’t surprise us if it turns out to be a BB or pellet gun–could still look real and be cause for FBI to shoot–but not worthy of “at least one shot was fired” magnitude. Too much info coming from sheriff 1,000 away and nothing from the FBI or locals.

  15. something about this incident stinks. I know some will say I hate cops and want to stir up crap but…The moron cops shoot way to fast…. The girl reportedly told one of the now famous horsemen “now were all in trouble” she supposedly did not know her mom and brother were dead…. she would not make eye contact with the “horsemen” That dog dont hunt.I have a funny feeling we will find she was knee if not neck deep in this whole thing. I hate to keep agreeing with Dave but the SD sheriff seems to know way too much about what went on…

  16. I would not be surprised to find the girl involved in a very bad way in all of this. Hope I am wrong.

  17. You guys are all morons…

    HELMET CAMS! On a stealth team? Ya, blinking red lights and reflective plastic or glass works great for stealthiness.

    Here, the victim is answering some of your questions, this should appease your blood lust for a short while:


  18. Josh, I think you are just trying to josh us. . . do you seriously believe all mini cams have blinking red lights and reflective lenses or are you just joshing us? Or did you maybe see that on “Call to Duty” or some other lame video game?

    How do you suppose the REAL US ninjas, our MILITARY members who are the true professional hunters, stalkers and snipers, not these quasi civilian wannabes, get by with the lenses on their NVGs, spotting scopes, binos and rifle telescopes, and yes, on occasion, helmet cams??

    Have you ever compared mini cam lenses to a pair of 50, 60, 80, 100 mm binocular or spotting scope lenses. How about 40 – 60 millimeter rifle glass?

    All of us being the morons indeed! Not only do I think your assumed screen name suits you to a tee, I think the only “blinking” going on is in your somewhat limited imagination.
    P.S. Does your animated mini josh wear a face concealment mask when you play your little video games?

  19. Fox News will tell us the truth when it’s over

    I wonder what the man hunt cost? Was this a demonstration of police shock and awe? 150 FBI agents? Helicopters? Had to be over $1mil man hunt.

    Curious that young, blond kidnapped girls get a ton of media attention.

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