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Elmore Fires= A One Mile Wide Strip From Chicago To Detroit

Size and distance take on totally different perspectives from Idaho to the Midwest.

Consider this:
The Elk Complex and Pony Complex fires burning in the Boise National Forest east of Boise have charred more than 300 square miles (200,000 acres).

With 640 acres per square mile, that means the area burned just in Elmore county alone would be equal to a one mile wide charred strip along the 300 miles from Chicago to Detroit.

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  1. What’s the cost of fighting it vs. only protecting buildings and letting it burn until September.

  2. On a more local scale, that’s also a mile wide strip burning from Boise to Salt Lake City, as the bird flies.

  3. Most of the people burned out think climate change is a Obama hoax. Last time I was in Featherville it was obvious from the bumper stickers I saw on many of the pickups and four wheelers.

  4. It would seem BLM and USFS have fail in their mission to manage the lands and forest of America. All they’ve been managing for several years now is to spend through 10s of Billions of dollars with nothing but charred forests/range lands, fat paychecks, shiny new trucks, and office building to show for it.

    Those who neighbor the public lands, and are damaged by fires which spread from said lands, have a liability claim against the managing agencies. The feds have in fact knowingly and intentionally been creating a fire hazard for decades now.

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