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Bronco Boozer Club Gets Tailgate OK

Boise’s City councilors passed an ordinance for one year that will allow tailgating in specified areas during the upcoming season.

Clear beer mugs like this one are illegal for Bronco Boozers at tailgate parties.

Clear beer mugs like this one are illegal for Bronco Boozers at tailgate parties.

The new ordinance was brought forth by the coppers who say they are trying to “decriminalize” open cantainer violations associated with tailgating parties at football games. The GUARDIAN agrees with the concept, but questions the reach of the law which requires boozers to put their hooch in opaque plastic cups. The law is openly created on behalf of BSU football fans and not for other users of Julia Davis Park or areas around the stadium.

We will take a wait and see position. The concept is certainly admirable, but we would hate to see someone charged with using a clear cup and fined. If coppers wouldn’t really cite someone for use of a clear cup for their beer, it shouldn’t be included in the ordinance. We also feel laws which are designed for specific groups fall under the category of “arbitrary and capricious” and violate the constitutional mandate for equal protection. Time will tell.

A reader suggests RED SOLO CUP video may have influenced some of the deciders.

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  1. Red Solo cup conspiricy! Mayors probably getting kickbacks. A whole cupful o’ corruption I say.

  2. Beer bongs must be OK then with this new law. Yay!

  3. Gotta include this the song with this article.

    EDITOR NOTE–Clancy kicked a game winning field goal with this one!! PG rated

  4. Mr. Guardian, as an independent observer / teetotaler, I agree with you. This is clearly a double standard.

    If the “open container law” benefits the citizens of our fair community, why allow an exception? Is the perceivable benefit somehow less because it’s Game Day?

  5. Drunks Enabling Drunks!

    I, for the life of me, cannot seem to wrap my head around the concept of enjoying the game without being intoxicated. Any sporting event for that matter.

    I say we increase the fines and penalties for DUI with no immunity.

    Is anyone in Idaho truly amazed at this? After all you elected a drunk for a governor.

  6. Grumpy ole guy
    Aug 15, 2013, 8:37 pm

    Is the official title of this Ordinance the “Office close your eyes and look the other way of these days in these places during these hours for what would be offences otherwise?”

    Or. “Merchants and Others have their way, again, for the nonce”?

    Or. ?

  7. chicago sam
    Aug 16, 2013, 9:19 am

    The picture is obviously not a Bronco fan–No chinstrap on her helment

  8. What I don’t understand is all previous years, it has been legal to drink out of a red solo cup in the parking lot or tailgating. So why do we make a city ordinance to allow something that was already allowed…curious ? Oh, Do, you are a little extreme. Wait, very extreme.

  9. So glad our wise overlords saw fit to maintain the appearance of moral propriety by requiring the use of opaque cups. Wouldn’t it be terrible if some youngster were to see that immoral substance known as “beer” inside of a – god forbid – clear cup! At least, for a few hours every game day, the arbiters of social morality have seen fit to let the citizens run totally wild and ….drink a beer at a tailgater. We should tremble. Freedom just might be at our doorstep.

  10. Will they ticket someone drinking cream soda or ice tea… looks the same. This is Team Dave and BSU yeilding to pressure from ESPN to have large party town image when the ball is not in play.

  11. Rod in SE Boise
    Aug 17, 2013, 1:13 pm

    I believe the ordinance allows alcohol at tailgates. Tailgating was always legal.

    My opinion remains the same: no government should be allowed to regulate alcoholic beverages in any way.

  12. Someone actually thinks that it would be better if we hide our booze in the cups commonly used at keggers! Hehehehehehehehehehe.

  13. Aw, too late to the thread to be read. But it seems a lot of people want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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