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Eagle Council Approves Snow Park

Eagle’s City Council approved a deal Tuesday that could put a commercial snowboard concession on land the city leases from Ada County off Horseshoe Bend Road. It relies on snowmaking technology.

According to Idaho Statesman coverage, the city’s 15-year contract with Ryan Neptune is a concession agreement comparable to the agreement the city of Boise has with a private entity to operate the paddleboat rental at Julia Davis Park and the agreement Ada County has with a private entity to operate the float tube rental at Barber Park.

We checked out a Neptune park project in Michigan which has been in operation for a year. Officials at Ingham County say Neptune is a great guy and the park director said he would like to, “have him as a brother.”

All of the Eagle sports park’s amenities, including skateboard park and bike trails, will remain open to the public, but lift tickets are required to ride the magic carpet or the wakeboard cable. The city will receive 10 percent of all ticket sales.

It will be interesting to see how building permits for any structures are handled since the land is not within the Eagle city limits and apparently is subject to county planning and zoning.

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  1. chicago sam
    Aug 28, 2013, 9:20 am

    I would not comment on the principles involved as I do not know them but I do know the *%$#ing red tape kills a lot of projects in this valley. If they can get it thru by jumping thru all the hoops on the projected timetable it will be a minor miracle. Not to say project should not be vetted.

  2. cool

  3. It might redirect some snowboarders to this place v. Bogus Basin. I wonder what the Bogus Basin people think about this?

  4. Are you sure the land leased from Ada County isn’t in the Eagle city limits? If not, why is Eagle making this decision instead of the county?

    EDITOR NOTE–Not sure about either answer. However, a meeting is now scheduled between Eagle and Ada officials soon.

  5. Damn you people need to go take a look at Don’t be afraid of what you know nothing about. Planet Snow is a very successful at what they do. the mountain biking area and Skate park will remain FREE to the public as far as we have been told. The plan is to turn a large excavated hole into a nineteen million-gallon reservoir. This reservoir would be used for snow making in the winter and wakeboarding and fire suppression in the summer. As part of the IMPROVEMENTS, the company also would repair the skateboarding park and improve mountain bike trails. there will be staff at the facility to coach and maintain this park. go check out the company builds terrain park equipment for major resorts all around the country. People should be happy that the youth in the area will have something positive to spend there time doing rather than getting into trouble. Not only that but all the old farts that want to ski up at bogus wont have to put up with as many snowboarders or teenagers, and will help with the size of the lift lines on the weekends.Lets face it bogus only get about 200” a year on a good year that’s garbage compared to any real destination resort. Don’t fear change people embrace it.

  6. @Stefan, maybe you are missing the point? Said council critters are attempting to give away public property to a private entity. Eagle does not represent everyone who will be negatively affected by this. I see this as political thievery without representation.

    Hopefully, once again, our county commissioners will put a stop to the theft of our property.

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