Chobani Brings Culture To Twin–MOLD!

We all know yogurt eaters are a unique culture, but was it any surprise the Twin Falls newspaper was sucking hind teat over reports of local darling Chobani’s fizzing gassy yogurt on grocery shelves? Even their eventual coverage Tuesday is credited to the Statesman’s Katy Moeller.

It almost took an act of congress a couple months ago from Senior Senator Mike Crapo to force feed yogurt to the nation’s school kids. Yogurt in the diet of the nation’s youth became important to Senior Crapo after Chobani opened the Twin Falls plant. Now it turns out the stuff is moldy! Really moldy.

The Idaho Statesman jumped on the reports of Chobani Greek yogurt with bulging foil tops and hissing containers being pulled from grocery shelves. The social media had reports of folks getting sick, but there are some folks who get sick just thinking about yogurt.

We particularly enjoyed the mental image of sticky computers when the Statesman reported, “PCC Natural Markets, a grocery chain in the Seattle area, announced it will accept returns of Chobani yogurt on its website.”

The refund gesture from Chobani and retailers is certainly an empty one. How many people will take a sticky moldy yogurt cup back to the store for a 98 cent refund?

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  1. grumpy ole guy
    Sep 3, 2013, 10:52 pm

    And just what is that active ingredient?

  2. Chobani must be lacking in marketing savvy, or they would’ve announced:

    NEW! Chobani carbonated yogurt! In lemon-lime, cola, and tootie-frootie flavors!

    (Of course, Mrs. Obama probably would’ve immediately pulled it from the lunch menu.)

  3. I think a certain very large and low price retailer / food seller is not careful enough with refrigeration. I stopped buying anything cold from them and feel much better overall.

  4. Well, if process correctly it’s been the best ever instead of all the kid sugar loaded yogurt. We also have to realize that the stores need to correctly store them as well.

    Personally it’s one of the best Greek and healthier than most of the time.
    Unfortunetly I happen to have had of the watery ones last Friday and was sick all weekend but hadn’t related it but sick all weekend. I retrieve mine at Walmart and buy usually six at a time and no I’m not taking back the other two I have (not cost effective). Dairy of any kind is risky in todays world. None of you would be drinking milk if you new the facts that occur. I’m associated in a food consulting corp.

    I would still really rather see these kido’s eating yogurts any day than skitles or gummy bears.

    It’s all processed from Milk and if done right it provides good bacteria for your system to fight the bad bacterias. You can actually make your own yogurt at home.

  5. This is now a certifed Recall.

    While it does take time to track the issue and affected products, this incidence should of been a recall in the first place.

  6. Deb, at least the yogurt I make at home has no sugar added (or is it hfcs), and the benefit of the having yogurt is the living cultures, which may not be at all alive in the store’s purchased yogurt. So, is it good for our kids? It may just be gummy bears with milk added.

  7. Righteous comeuppance considering the welfare package they received via the Twin Falls / Idaho taxpayer.

    Now they are taxing the sewer treatment plant with the waste. But not to worry it all gets excused away by simply saying “We’re creating jobs.”

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Sep 6, 2013, 5:15 pm

    Senator Crapo had been touting the new Chobani plant on Twitter but is silent on the subject nowadays.

  9. Every plant has and is going to have issues as it’s become so automated. I have the Chobani Pineapple today. Sugar = 18g, High Protein = 13gm = 25% which children need. We have become a nation of vitamin D deficent as children aren’t getting enough dairy and protein.
    Announced this morning is thay are pulling the Beef from our Schools due to a California plant recall due to Plastic in beef products. Why are we not buying local Beef?
    I wouldn’t buy a ConAgra Turkey no matter what. Even their Peanut Butter plant was recalled due to a leak in the roof. Ever state has standards for a plant to keep standards however some are better than others.
    It also may have taken some time to evaluated what happened in the process line on the dates they indicated which is what we call Process Anaylsis so could have been a part to delay for the Chobani and to determine for the recall. Tricky but important.

    Yes, these jobs are important to the people and the heck with the political groupies.

  10. Deb, I dont’ trust the government to set standards that work. The proposed FDA Water quality rule for produce is one them. They are requiring test on generic ecoli only. Most water systems will fail this standard at one time or another. Generic testing has been shown faulty. They should be testing for the human pathogen types that cause the deaths and illness.

    More info:

  11. Clancy: I totally agree on the FDA. They have completely lost focus over the years inclusive of the Pharmacital world. One year it passes and next we are all needing recovery and everyone is suing the companys whom were approved.

    The Health Boards have fallen into the cracks as well for acceptable standards. We don’t need FDA but listen to the Enviormental Engineers would be a start.

    When even the water distroys your applicances in a short time then think on what it does to our systems. This is a Population of Physicians here in Boise. Nature does plenty to us and they can blame the Beavers for illness in rafting all they want but the city water it not what it could be in anyway however they meet Standards.

    It’s time to go back to the drawing board as say – study the Means to get it right. The Fix is the Challenge..$$$

  12. Clancy: I was just reading more on the article you attached. How is it that our farmers are loosing their shirts with these stipulations yet Albertson and Winco import the majority of produce from other countries. Is this not a double standard? What is wrong with getting back to Homegrown in the good ole USA and may much of this could be seen.
    Yes, we need the Yogurt (if done right) to help combat the Bugs having festivals in our systems.

  13. A majority of produce comes from other countries only when farmers here are not producing a commodity. There are 21,000 acres of onions just west of Boise and over 90% will ship domestically.

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