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Paul Fortin, 60, tells the GUARDIAN he is a fourth generation Idahoan, second generation Boise firefighter, Vietnam veteran, and 1970 graduate of Bishop Kelly. He has an accounting degree from BSU, and one goal is to work with neighborhood groups to produce, “quality dog parks which should eliminate Boise City’s dog cops who are giving Boise a bad name as place to live.”

He was a fire investigator captain and helped negotiate two union contracts on behalf of the union. He retired in 2005 after 25 years as an arson investigator.

He is critical of the current fire department management as well as a the amount of money spent for administrative positions within the department and new facilities. He also opposes the increase in parking fees and the new meters which zero out time when a vehicle leaves a parking space.

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  1. This lifelong citizen can confirm that Paul Fortin is a long-time Boise resident. For you see, he “trained” me for my first paying job, when I took over his route delivering papers – the Idaho Daily Statesman, AFTERNOON EDITION! And that was many, many moons ago.

    (I notice he conveniently skipped this “baggage” – that he’s connected to the mainstream media! haha)

    I’ll probably vote for him for no other reason than he’s new – and our city could use some “new”!! (After observing that some of those old-timers start thinking they are beloved of their subjects and can do no wrong.)

  2. I think Mr.Fortin would be best served if he down played his “career” with the Boise Fire Department. It was not exactly a stellar chapter in his life. One thing is for certain though, He will always be remembered by the people he interacted with.

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