Food Bank Nets Cash From China Tour

The GUARDIAN editor is old enough to remember the admonishment from Mom, “Children are starving in China, eat your spinach.”

There is a certain irony in a car driven across China with the Idaho Food Bank being featured on the sides. Do Chinese moms urge the kids to eat spuds because kids are hungry in Idaho?

Micron exec Brian Shields dropped off a check for $14,371 at the Food Bank after he drove 7,600 miles across Asia and Europe to raise the funds.

The Micron executive, along with his daughter Chantal, raced in the month-long Peking to Paris Endurance Rally for classic cars in May and June. In their 1965 Ford Mustang, they came in 33rd place overall and 19th in their class of 32.

Gotta love it, cruising across China telling the world of hungry kids in the U.S.A!

The Food Bank will soon be talking turkey, but they will always gladly put your donations to work feeding those in need.

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  1. Grumpy ole guy
    Sep 28, 2013, 2:30 pm

    The simple fact remains that poverty is a world-wide problem, foreign and local. The,somewhat misnamed to my mind, Idaho Food Bank does a tremendous job of providing for those in need and keeping administrative/overhead costs down. Yes, the image you capture in this piece evokes a certain irony. But, it should also call at attention a very real problem which is very local, as well as regional, national and universal.

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