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Commishes Back Flip On Trail Portion Of Eagle Park

Ada Commishes lifted their stop work order Friday over the issue of Eagle City construction of a bike trail on county owned land leased by the city after engineers approved an application to the county.

However they tell the GUARDIAN there are two primary issues. First is the winter terrain portion of the land leased from Ada County. Commishes are still seeking answers to concerns over use for a commercial venture without county permission.

It appears the bike trail plans are being worked out between Eagle and Ada, but the winter terrain venue has raised concerns over water, traffic, and other issues which will be discussed at a 2 p.m. Wednesday meeting in the courthouse.

The major land portion of the 80 plus acre parcel is outside Eagle and subject to Ada County approval.

A somewhat cryptic press release was issued which follows:

Ada County Lifts Stop-Work Order
on Bike Trail Improvements at Ada-Eagle Sports Park

(Boise, ID) – The Board of Ada County Commissioners, effective immediately, has lifted a Stop-Work Order at the site of Mountain Bike Trail improvements on county-owned land, leased by the City of Eagle, The property is within the Ada-Eagle Sports Park, near the intersection of Old Horseshoe Bend Road and Floating Feather Road. The decision came as a result of a site inspection and collaborative conversation yesterday involving the Ada County Engineer and its Parks and Waterways Director with Eagle officials and a representative of the project contractor, Gravity Logic of Virginia. Eagle’s Parks and Rec Director today presented a formal hillside development application and Flow Trail Engineer’s Report prepared by the city engineer, which has been reviewed and approved by the County engineer. The contractor has been engaged to complete the new trail within the next few weeks, weather permitting, and is resuming work on the new trail, as well as performing maintenance on existing trails that had been created in recent years, but had fallen into some disrepair.

The County Engineer and Development Services staff had raised concerns about potential issues of erosion and safety, having had no consultation with City of Eagle officials, nor approval of the project, prior to the contractor starting work earlier in the week. These elements are required under terms of the lease agreement. City officials have assured the County that proper bonding and insurance obligations have been met by the contractor, though a contract between Eagle and Gravity Logic is still to be approved by the Eagle City Council at its regular meeting, Tuesday evening, October 8. The site plan presented also establishes that no native plants should be disturbed by this project, and reflects that a bridge will be constructed mid-trail to separate high speed mountain bikers from those riding at slower speeds, as well as hikers, joggers and horseback riders, in the area where the trails will cross. Specifics on the bridge are still to be shared through the typical building permit process.

With this action, Ada County Commissioners have reaffirmed their interest in working cooperatively with the City of Eagle to develop the Sports Complex into a wonderful asset that can be enjoyed by residents county-wide. At the same time, they remain focused on adequate allocation of risk, ensuring the safety of citizens using the park and protection of the environment.

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