Big Money For Bieter Bond Proposal

Proponents of the bond measures that could put Boise into debt to the tune of $51,000,000 have collected about $137,000 to push the ballot question.

The Boise WEEKLY checked the campaign finance reports and came up with the following highlights:

ESI ($15,000)
Gardner Property Holdings ($15,000)
Thornton, Oliver, Keller ($1,000)
Old Boise Properties ($1,000)
Boise Firefighters Local #149 ($1,250)
Professional Firefighters of Idaho ($2,000
GBAD Board Director James Walker ($500)
GBAD Board President and Idaho Rep. Hy Kloc ($100)
Blue Cross of Idaho ($1,000)
Primary Health ($2,500)
St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center ($5,000)
Westerberg and Associates ($1,000)
Boise School Board President A.J. Balukoff ($5,000)
Western Aircraft ($5,000);
MWI Veterinary Supply ($5,000)
Syringa Networks ($2,500)
D.L. Evans Bank ($1,000)

Interesting to note the number of health care entities with extra cash to donate to Team Dave’s campaign along with the developer/contractors. No wonder the price of medicine is high!

Young people who resemble the clean cut missionaries known for white shirts, ties, and bicycles are being paid to campaign door-to-door on behalf of proponents.

One nice young man who had the pleasure of knocking on the GUARDIAN’s door learned:
Boise currently has no debt, interest of $18,000,000 is more than half the overall price of the two bonds, the fire department has stations which are unused, the previous Foothills bond campaign illegally used $50,000 in public money for a video (that mayor went to jail), land was purchased clear up in Boise County, Boise acted as banker for the state on Hammer Flat.

The honest young man confessed, “You sound just like my dad!”

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  1. It should also come as no surprise to anyone that the Boise Firefighter Union Local, and ID Professional Firefighters (state union organization), are also kicking in a good amount to self-feed their own union interests. All while putting another city in debt. People really need to wake up and make political cronies accountable!!

  2. The American Way
    Oct 15, 2013, 9:27 am

    Why is it not surprising that as the country faces an ongoing financial uncertainty that polticos are busy trying to get us further in the hole? Whatever happened to the old conservative value of not living beyond your means? We all need to wake up to these scam efforts of our elected ones who truly no longer represent us.

  3. costaprettypeny
    Oct 15, 2013, 1:22 pm

    Has anyone noticed the emphasis on all the park improvements..

    EDITOR NOTE–Fire Chief says they saved $1 million closing the Chinden Blvd. station. It would sound reasonable to figure new stations would cost $1 million to staff each year plus hundreds of thousands for rigs.

  4. all this talk about “open spaces”/parks…maybe-just maybe the real intent is about a ballPARK. maybe?

  5. Interesting to see the “non profit” money being spent. Blue Cross an St Luke’s – now you know where your healthcare money goes – in addition to the $35 MILLION in “profit” that the two companies make between them ANNUALY!

  6. I don’t have money, but i have friends and a brain, and we are putting out messages opposing the bond issue. not everyone is taken in by the glossy ads coming to our doors, promising lovely things like open spaces for the children. how did that work in the last bond issue? I understand that there is still a sizable fund left from that, maybe over $one million. Thanks Dave, for facts and for setting the young man straight. hope i have a similar opportunity.

  7. Nan e mouse
    Oct 15, 2013, 7:16 pm

    If the open space is such a big deal, they could run a 2 year override at the end of which they’d have $10 million and no debt. Then use impact fees and current accounts for other park development. Easy peasy. Unless of course, there’s an ulterior motive afoot.

  8. Ivan – I haven’d decided how to vote on the bonds (leaning yes for public saftey and no against parks), but I am pretty sure that the ballpark has nothing to do with it. That said, many of my friends are supporting both. I’d be inclined to agree with them, but it feels like the City needs to do a bit more homework.

  9. Boisean-my intent is to point out “it should have nothing to do with a ballPARK” but I sense it does…and I have no REAL hard facts as of yet…just some whispers that the ballPARK is indeed NOT dead in the water but very actively being pursued…time will tell.

  10. Interested Citizen
    Oct 18, 2013, 1:49 pm

    The list of donors looks like a juicy smorgasbord of developers, public unions, and others slurping at the public troughs and nipples.

  11. Firefighters begging in the streets (GET OUT OF THE ROAD YOU IDIOT) If you had enough money to donate to a political cause then have some pride and get the f out of the streets.

  12. Remember, You Get the Government You Vote For: Part 2

    Tonight was public forum number 2 for the Boise City Council axis of incumbency and three brave challengers. What I’ve heard them say twice (in unison, in lockstep) is that the “most livable” city in America can only remain so if you elect them AND elect to tax yourself and your neighbors. I think I’ve heard this before. If something gets repeated enough, everybody believes it.
    Tonight one of the incumbents also said if the bonds pass, they think they can build another branch library from the resources in the current budget.
    Like they are doing you a favor?
    The fact is that the so-called “hold the line budget” called for a property tax increase even before you decide on November 5th to tax yourself even more.
    KEEP BOISE MOVING FORWARD is the slogan of the incumbents. And it will keep moving forward as long as you pay more taxes. So they seem to say.
    And another thing — my incumbent opponent says that the city’s private trash pickup contractor returned $150,000 by switching to natural gas vehicles. Of course YOU don’t get a rebate on your trash bill (the bill you already paid). Instead the council (ever mindful of your wishes)decides how the “savings” will be spent. Well, that will run the parks and recreation department for a couple of days. Big deal.

    Dear Incumbents:
    Hold your horses. Listen to us. “NO” to the bonds, and no to more taxes. What is the next best idea for meeting OUR priorities? Can we get a better government for less of our money? Would you even try to be efficient? Can’t you please do better than this?
    Sincerely, Bill Jarocki for City Council Seat #4

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