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Ada To Eagle Mayor: “Cease And Desist” At Park

Ada County Commishes have sent a “cease and desist” letter to Eagle Mayor Jim Reynolds over commercial use of Ada land leased to Eagle City for the purposes of a a public park. The latest wrinkle is excavation being conducted at the site off Old Horseshoe Bend Road for a commercial bike “flow trail” activity […]

Risch, Crapo Charitable Vows For Wages Unacceptable

A story by Statesman writer Dan Popkey about the federal shutdown reports, “Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch say they will donate the portion of their $174,000 annual pay earned during the shutdown to charity. Such a simplistic move by our elected officials illustrates the problem. They have no shame. These guys shutdown the government […]

U of I Cows Make Milk AND Milk Bottles

In the ultimate recycling story, researchers at the University of Idaho have found a way for cows to not only produce milk, but the bovines can also be used to make plastic for the bottles to drink it from. A research group at the university claims to have developed a way to generate a significant […]

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