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Republican Insider Uses Own Funds Against Bieter Bonds

Republican insider Mike Tracy has used personal funds to send out a post card urging voters to oppose the two bonds on the November 5 ballot in Boise. Tracy noted the sophistication of the campaign waged by Team Dave to get the bonds passed and decided to send his own message to conservative voters. He […]

BB Gun Incident Could Have Been Fatal

When some juvenile hooligans cruised around West Boise Monday brandishing a BB pistol it had all the makings of a fatal chain of errors. As it turned out no one was shot, but a 10-year-old girl was traumatized, a copper crashed a cruiser, the gunman was sent to juvenile detention leaving a path of horror […]

GUARDIAN Chief Meteorologist Image Signals Cold Front

David R. Frazier, chief meteorologist for the GUARDIAN shares this image made Sunday afternoon when the cold front came in, bringing much needed moisture and this unique cloud formation. Mammatus Clouds are laden with moisture and are often the precursor to tornadoes in the Midwest.

Council Candidate Slams Mayor Over Bonds

After attending the City Club of Boise forum Monday which featured only pro-bond speakers, City Council Candidate Bill Jarocki came out swinging with his views. Here is what he reported to the GUARDIAN: “Mayor Dave Bieter was one of three guests at the City Club of Boise today who were trying to convince the audience […]

#1 Reason To NOT Be An Ada Commish

We seldom have much sympathy for politicos, but the Ada Commishes plate runneth over in a political nightmare set to play out Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Courthouse. Bowing to a neighborhood request for an appeal of a building permit approved by Planning & Zoning August 22 near Meridian, the Board has agreed to […]

Coppers Cap Canine Momma

Its a story played out almost daily across the USA. Cop feels threatened by dog. Cop kills dog. Community outraged. Its like a cable TV RERUN. Here is the official version of the latest tragedy in Boise from the BPD website: “Loose dog creates unfortunate situation” “Officers never want to harm an animal. The dog […]

Dept. of Lands Business Policy Short Sighted

Three years ago when the GUARDIAN exposed the state ownership of Affordable Storage in Boise, politicos dug in their heels on both sides of the state owning businesses. We pointed out at the time there was a significant loss of local property taxes when commercial property is owned by the tax-exempt state. Since then, the […]

Up And Down With BOI

First we get news the Boise airport is ranked #7 in a poll of some sort by a travel magazine. On time departures seemed to be the reason for the national ranking. GOOD NEWS! Then, the same day we hear the airport is turned down for a $700,000 grant from the Feds to get flights […]

Bond Opposition Muzzled By Team Dave And Friends

The standard media statement about the upcoming bond election is along the lines of, “There is no organized opposition.” Pretty hard to have organized opposition when the health care industry, contractor/developers, unions, and others who do business with the city pony up $137,000. Consider the following: –Boise’s City Council passed an ordinance and rushed to […]

News “Forthcoming” On Vacant Ombudsman Post

In the wake of the viral video of the lady copper confronting the camera-toting antagonist, the GUARDIAN has fielded several inquiries about the position of ombudsman for Boise. Council President Maryanne Jordan has told us, “The position is important to the community. Next steps should be forthcoming shortly.” The first and only ombudsman to oversee […]

Lady Copper Needs To Apologize

Time to call an end to the controversy of the copper caper and the viral video. The now infamous YOU TUBE video of the Boise police sergeant engaged in a verbal altercation with a guy who has made it a personal campaign to “assert his rights” by shooting video of on duty coppers has gone […]

Big Money For Bieter Bond Proposal

Proponents of the bond measures that could put Boise into debt to the tune of $51,000,000 have collected about $137,000 to push the ballot question. The Boise WEEKLY checked the campaign finance reports and came up with the following highlights: ESI ($15,000) Gardner Property Holdings ($15,000) Thornton, Oliver, Keller ($1,000) Old Boise Properties ($1,000) Boise […]

Nampa Urban Renewal Run By Out-of-County Residents

In yet another revelation of urban renewal misdeeds, word comes from Nampa that members of the local Urban Renewal Agency Board not only don’t live in the city, they don’t even live in Canyon County. The GUARDIAN has long been an opponent of urban renewal districts because they have no oversight by ANY government agency. […]

Illuminating Idea Could Save Bike Riders Lives, Offer Coppers Chance To Issue More Than Tickets

The GUARDIAN has posted numerous stories promoting bike safety and invariably the comments turn to “Bikes vs Cars.” We don’t know any car drivers who want to hit bikers, but we sure see a lot of bikers who simply disregard their own safety. In nearly 50 years of working and living in Boise we have […]

Boise Lady Copper Big Hit On You Tube

A female Boise PD sergeant is a big hit on YOU TUBE, but the national and international publicity isn’t the type the city wants or needs. In the approximately 15 minute clip the copper, identified as “Sergeant Lori Sperry,” walks right into the typical baiting by the video guy calling himself Gavin Seim. While conducting […]

Boise Candidate Forum Uneventful

Not only were there no fireworks at Wednesday’s Boise City Council candidate forum, there were hardly any sparklers or firecrackers. Incumbents were all singing from the same choir book and even the challengers joined in at times. One of the few substantive topics was the proposed fire department and park bonds. All but two candidates […]

Boise Council Candidate Forum Wednesday

The League of Women Voters is sponsoring a forum 7p.m. Wednesday night for Boise City Council candidates at the Main Library! on Capitol Blvd. Eight candidates are running for three council seats. Ben Quintana, T.J. Thomson and Maryanne Jordan are the three incumbents. Bill Jarocki, Jill Humble, Tyler Smith are challenger candidates. All will respond […]

“Buck-A-Month” Sales Pitch Ignores $51 Million Debt and $18 Million Interest For Boise Bond

Gotta hand it to Team Dave on the sales campaign for the proposed debt question before voters in November. The NorthEnders have been mobilized and the council candidates have all avoided the issue in a joint campaign brochure. Even the DAILY PAPER editorial has offered an endorsement while addressing–almost point by point–the GUARDIAN concerns. We […]

Commishes Back Flip On Trail Portion Of Eagle Park

Ada Commishes lifted their stop work order Friday over the issue of Eagle City construction of a bike trail on county owned land leased by the city after engineers approved an application to the county. However they tell the GUARDIAN there are two primary issues. First is the winter terrain portion of the land leased […]

“Three Musketeers” Of City Council Run As Team

Three incumbents on the Boise City Council are triple teaming challengers and sending out a single joint flyer to voters, encouraging them to vote early. “Keep Boise moving forward” is the motto Ben Quintana, T.J. Thomson and Maryanne Jordan have adopted in their effort to hold off a total of five challengers–all political unknowns for […]

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