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Seat 2: Ben Quintana (incumbent), Tyler Smith
Seat 4: T.J. Thomson (incumbent), Jill G. Humble, Bill Jarocki
Seat 6: Maryanne Jordan (incumbent), Paul Edmond Fortin, R. Bryce Petersen

I am running against incumbent Quintana for Seat 2, and encourage everyone in Boise to get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5. I have grown to know and like Jill Humble, Bill Jarocki, and Paul Fortin throughout this campaign, and I hope to have also left a good impression on them.
I stand for real, progressive change, strong environmental policy, equality for ALL (read: homeless) residents, and to make a stand against money in politics.
It’s time for new blood, and all 4 of us running against the incumbents are smart, passionate, and educated.
Get out and vote, encourage your friends to vote, and vote for new ideas!
Tyler Smith, candidate for Boise City Council Seat 2

PAUL FORTIN 10/22/13
“At last night’s forum Mr. Thompson and Mr Quintana didn’t start their opening statements with “Under Ms Jordan’s Leadership yada yada yada Boise City wasn’t destroyed from everything imaginable as at the Forum of the league of women on Oct 9th. Mr Quintana only said it once but TJ repeated on almost every questioned he answered.

Ms Jordan went back to her same old California background of tax and spend as much as you can squeeze from the taxpayer and then go for that last cent still hiding in the taxpayers coin purse.  

When I tried to talk to Ms Jordan about the waste in fire spending, she told me your problem is with the Whitney fire Commisioners for spending a $100,000 a year for Fire Chief Renn Ross, the ex Boise Fire Chief who eliminated that position in 2000.

At the request of Whitney Commisioners he promoted 2 then a 3rd captain to Battalion Chief which costs Boise taxpayers approx $550-600,000 a yr in today’s dollars. The 9 square miles of what’s left of Whitney fire District is almost all subdivisions.

What Ms Jordan doesn’t get is if revenue received doesn’t match expenditures for any part of government then that department is in deficit spending.”

Remember, You Get the Government You Vote For: Part 2

Tonight was public forum number 2 for the Boise City Council axis of incumbency and three brave challengers. What I’ve heard them say twice (in unison, in lockstep) is that the “most livable” city in America can only remain so if you elect them AND elect to tax yourself and your neighbors. I think I’ve heard this before. If something gets repeated enough, everybody believes it.
Tonight one of the incumbents also said if the bonds pass, they think they can build another branch library from the resources in the current budget.

Like they are doing you a favor?
The fact is that the so-called “hold the line budget” called for a property tax increase even before you decide on November 5th to tax yourself even more.
KEEP BOISE MOVING FORWARD is the slogan of the incumbents. And it will keep moving forward as long as you pay more taxes. So they seem to say.
And another thing — my incumbent opponent says that the city’s private trash pickup contractor returned $150,000 by switching to natural gas vehicles. Of course YOU don’t get a rebate on your trash bill (the bill you already paid). Instead the council (ever mindful of your wishes)decides how the “savings” will be spent. Well, that will run the parks and recreation department for a couple of days. Big deal.

Dear Incumbents:
Hold your horses. Listen to us. “NO” to the bonds, and no to more taxes. What is the next best idea for meeting OUR priorities? Can we get a better government for less of our money? Would you even try to be efficient? Can’t you please do better than this?
Sincerely, Bill Jarocki for City Council Seat #4

TJ Thomson – Boise City Council Seat #4
I am running for re-election because I want to continue making a positive difference in Boise and keep us moving forward — to build the strongest, most livable city possible for future generations to enjoy. Over the last four years, we have had tremendous success in strengthening our local economy during a difficult recession. Unemployment rates are going down while property values are on the rise. The Boise market is dramatically stronger — outpacing the national housing recovery. Commercial and residential permitting is up and positive economic development is moving forward. We have protected thousands of acres of open space in our foothills; added multiple parks and recreational opportunities; increased sidewalks and bike lanes; improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists; added bus routes; and strengthened public safety (crime rates are at historic lows). I will continue moving Boise forward, while also presenting new ideas for strengthening our livability and local economy.

I provide extensive detail about my platform and the issues we face as a community at the following links:
TJ’s Campaign Website:
TJ’s Idaho Statesman Questionnaire:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions,
TJ Thomson

Boise City Council Seat #4

Age: 59
Occupation: (position and company) President, Voltaic Solutions, LLC
Education: Northwestern University, BA; Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs; Boise State University, MPA

Prior political experience: I have assisted and served with local, state and federal officials throughout my career. This is my first run for public office.

Civic involvement: (past and present – please include years) My public service career has been an example of civic involvement. My civic involvement has been directly related to helping those whose serve the public. Beginning in the late 1970s helping small cities and counties in the Midwest to invest public funds wisely, streamlining state government agencies in Indiana as a legislative performance auditor, and later serving county governments with the Association of Indiana Counties. I came to Idaho in 1983 to work with city officials at the Association of Idaho Cities, then running the DEQ’s Bureau of Research and Analysis (1992-96) to implement better ways to work with communities and to really measure environmental performance, and then running BSU’s Environmental Finance Center (1996-2010) to bring innovation and common sense to environmental protection in the United States and internationally. Always with this public purpose in mind: delivering sustainable services at the least cost. I continue to do this as President of Voltaic Solutions.

Years living in your city: Thirty years in December.


Social media accounts: (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) @voltaicjarocki,

1. What makes you a better choice for voters than your opponent(s)?

As a fiscal conservative I’m driven by the idea that local government is obligated to provide services that make sense and are efficiently funded. I offer the citizens a chance to vote for the candidate who not only wants to limit taxes and fees, but has real government experience in Idaho, both at the local and state levels. My experience at the national and international levels has also allowed me the opportunity to better understand the complexities of intergovernmental policy as it relates to local government. This is necessary here in the Capitol, as Boise’s city government is part of a larger system of governance that includes neighboring communities, county, state and the federal government. Because I have worked at all three levels for over 30 years, I can hit the ground running on day one to rebuild important relationships with intergovernmental partners that have been breached during my opponents’ term.

2. If elected, what are your top three priorities? How will you accomplish them? Please provide specifics.

As the common sense candidate, my top priorities are: creating living-wage jobs, promoting participatory budgeting, and promoting maximum use of vacant commercial property. I would accomplish each goal by nurturing the professional and intergovernmental relationships that are necessary in order to create business friendly policies for both large and medium sized companies that will offer meaningful living wages to their employees. As a matter of public policy, I will work with our public and private education institutes to assist with public participation forums, bringing effective and engaged public participation in local tax issues and policy decisions. Finally, I am concerned about commercial property development that is occurring in neighboring communities as commercial property remains vacant in Boise for long periods of time. We need incentives for business development. And we need to develop trust with the leaders of the Idaho Legislature to get the tools for greater economic opportunities.

3. What is the one thing your city should start doing to encourage economic development and create jobs?

In many respects the one thing we should do is to recognize that the most recent, sustained, and successful period of economic development we have experienced in the City of Boise occurred when we united in purpose supporting private sector expansion. To unite in purpose today we need to recognize that our city government needs to be a catalyst for economic development by using its policy making authority to create opportunities for business development and economic diversification and growth. Where the city’s authority is lacking, Boise needs to work with legislative leaders to get the permission to create tools that the city can use to incentivize development. We need to tell our story better. That is; the State of Idaho prospers as Boise prospers and State leaders need to be persuaded that economic prosperity in Boise is not a zero sum game for other communities.

4. How do you envision your city 10 to 20 years from now? How should it change?

In 10 years I envision Boise as a place where businesses can start up and grow, creating a broader economy and a marketplace for locally developed technologies, products, and services.

In 20 years I envision Boise as THE place to call home. A place that our grown kids can call home – not because they visit us here, but because they live here. Today Boise has a wonderful reputation as a place to raise a family. But, what happens to your family when the kids grow up, go to college here or out of state, and your kids move to Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, or San Francisco to get that good paying job that matches their career interests. In 20 years I want you to live in a place where it is not a luxury or plain luck that you’re surrounded by your kids and grandkids in what is in many respects the best City in the United States.

5. Are you concerned about public apathy and involvement in civic matters? How would you get more people involved?

I will create a public forum that encourages open and honest public participation. I stand by my previous statements on this subject, that I endorse completely the idea that citizens have the right and the obligation to make their opinions and their recommendations known to their elected officials in matters concerning their households, neighborhoods, and their community as a whole. I will explain, push, and promote a process for citizen input into budgeting decisions. The Council is ultimately responsible for budgeting and investing dollars that achieve community priorities set forth by mandates and by the public. And the Council I will serve on will not be complacent. Instead we will examine the purpose of program activities and eliminate or defund activities that do not meet our community priorities for the future. When citizens realize their voices could be heard on priorities and spending decisions, they will want to be involved.

6. Do you support either or both bonds for open space, public safety and parks? Why?

No. I am not in favor of the citizens taking on more debt anytime soon. From my vantage point, our community is barely emerging from the great recession and we all have a responsibility for nearly $17 trillion in federal government debt. And the axis of incumbency wants us to take on more debt? It isn’t that I’m not a proponent of parks – I enjoy the greenbelt nearly every day – and I want a well-trained fire department, but let’s take a closer look at the current budgets first.

This morning the Idaho Statesman opined that “Bonds are the most pragmatic way forward.” This is not true. Vote “No” on the proposed bond issue.

In the 2014 budget, general fund revenues from property tax were projected at $118.5M. The debt payments will be about $2.6M in new property taxes per year for the next 20 years. There are other ways to fund these improvements. A reduction of just a little over 2% elsewhere in the general fund budget does the trick. It is time that the community had a chance to participate in real priority setting. Is there some other low priority activity that could be eliminated to fund new parks and fire training facilities? Probably. It’s the taxpayers’ money and we need to work smarter to deliver the best government at the least cost. The Statesman recently reported that the city has 8 public information officers! C’mon already, we need to be smarter with the taxpayer dollars.

Funny how the “way forward” copies the theme of the three councilmembers who have now formed their axis of incumbency. Makes you wonder doesn’t it? It’s time to oppose incumbents and to elect a councilman that will challenge the status quo.

8. Should the city upgrade its shooting range, leave it as is or do something else entirely? Why?

As long as it is operated safely and the activity there is not a threat to the shooters or the general public, then leave it as is. If the status quo is acceptable, then, the City Council should concentrate on business and economic development policy and policy implementation.

9. Should Boise raise Downtown metered parking rates? How much? Why?

No. And I am not in favor of having any system that resets the parking meter to zero minutes when a user exits the parking space. As a long-time Boise resident I know there is more metered parking in the downtown area than ever before. If the idea is to raise parking rates to support more ticket writers, then as a matter of policy I would ask the current administration to make do with current revenues or remove meters.

10. If elected, what would you do to change the public transportation system in Boise?

I am not in favor of any changes to our public transportation system at this time. While it is tempting to copy what other big cities do, it is important to recognize that the culture of the community supports conservative, incremental change. For several years I was a faithful rider of the Boise Urban Stages, the forerunner to the current Valley Ride system. Public transportation has steadily improved over the past 30 years and continues to be a viable and convenient alternative for many citizens. I believe that market demand for public transportation will increase as the price of fuel increases, and I support a business-like approach to public transportation as it responds to consumer demand in the marketplace.
My name is Tyler Smith. I am interested in serving the people of Boise and bringing new ideas to our local politics. I have been a political activist since my teens, starting the Boise chapter of Anti-Racist Action in 1996. I am a member of the ACLU, Move To Amend, and the Ironworkers International Union.

I believe that money is incredibly corrosive to our democracy, and my focus is on passing an ordinance that states “Money is not speech, corporations are not people”. I will not accept ANY campaign contributions from ANY business, and I am not doing any formal fundraising.

I am also very dedicated to the environment. In addition to other good policies, I want our city to practice sustainable economics, green building, expanded recycling and renewable energy.
Additionally, I embrace equality for all. Whether it is equal pay for women, the right to marry for the LGBT community, or the rights of the homeless, I will fight for equality for each one of us. I will fight to overturn the recent anti-panhandling ordinance that was passed by the current city council. I believe that it is a violation of our First Amendment right to free speech, and it unfairly targets those in our society that are in need.

I am running for city council because I am extremely passionate about people and our planet. I bring youth and integrity to the table. If elected, I encourage the citizens of Boise to contact me and voice your opinion. I will listen to you.

Thank you.
Tyler smith


When Boise is not taking proper care of our city’s present parks, dog parks ect buying more land for parks should come from present tax receipts. More parks means more people to maintain them so is Boise planing on hiring more personnel or use the over burdened workers we have now. More people means more yearly costs.


Boise could actually follow what they preach that Boise is a great place to live by doing the following. Take existing dog parks and bring them up to a standard where they have some amenities, covered tables with benches where neighborhood groups could sit and make new friends, add some water fountains.

Fort Boise dog park is a good place to start, use the first two dyke areas to hold water from cottonwood creek. The 3rd which is the dog park could have some grassy areas using the stored water to irrigate until the water runs out, then use sprinklers. Fencing the area so dogs would not go into street traffic on reserve would allow people to have a loop to walk their dogs and talk with friends. This would not cost that much and money from dog licensing would help fund these parks.

There is no reason Boise can’t have at least 5 off leash dog parks using parts of present park system to fence in areas. Boise City has hired what is being called the dog nazis to try and catch by any means, hiding, using binoculars to give tickets. $81, first time, then double and triple. Is this making Boise a great place to live, I don’t think it is.

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  1. David B. Hall
    Sep 6, 2013, 8:45 pm

    Though I found it prudent not to toss my hat in the race at this time (felt a bit chided into considering it) I am however relieved to see that others stepped up to the call and challenge of running for public office. My hat’s off to the lot of them.

    EDITOR NOTE–OK. We got it! You took off your hat, but didn’t toss it.

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    Sep 6, 2013, 10:33 pm

    I am pleased that there will be at least paper races for the seats and hope that the candidates will avail themselves of all opportunities to make their positions on issues known. I hope that those issues will include the bond measures, growth, the F-35 (is that the correct designation?) fighter placement at Gowen Field and other issues. Like Mr. Hall, I commend these civic minded citizens for their participation in the process.

  3. chicago sam
    Sep 7, 2013, 9:12 am

    While political unknowns have to rely on votes against the incumbents this this not an impossible situation for them.
    The power of the internet with everybody able to communicate with their circle of friends should be used to the fullest. The Gaurdians generous offer should be utilized also. It promises to be an interesting campaign in Nampa and Caldwell also

  4. Nan e mouse
    Sep 22, 2013, 5:31 pm

    Dave, check the headline.

  5. DOG PARKS. yep when my dog needs a dog park I drive all the way to Nampa.
    Boise should be ashamed for it’s lack of a real dog park when little old Nampa has such a great one.

    But then Boise does nothing to improve the old Bench. Coming down Vista from the airport is not the best introduction to the capital city of Idaho. But then what the city council did to keep Vista Village from becoming all it could be…. family squabbles. Boise is filled with old family squabbles.

  6. Not much from candidates! Maybe you could interview them?

    EDITOR NOTE–We hope the PAID reporters at the legacy media will do that. Perhaps someone will go so far as having a candidate forum as well. THAT we could cover.

  7. Hey Paul Fortin. While posting on the Guardian sees a lot of eyes, I hope you are raising money to get your message out directly, that you have gone to neighborhood groups to speak, that you have a website you’re promoting and that you pen an op-ed for the Statesman, among other things.

    In other words, you need to run a real campaign.

  8. Oh, I get it now.
    I thought he was a viable candidate. Turns out he’s just a pissed off former employee.

  9. To Nan, I am doing every thing I can, met with groups that want to meet with the candidates. I am not going to spend more than 1400. Any extra money is going to the Salvation Army. I feel the city needs to operate frugally when money is tight. I was laid off in 79 when the 1% passed.
    To you Cal Landis, I have no clue who you are or what you do for a living, if you went to my web site you would see during my layoff I didn’t act like a pissed off person, I got 3 part time jobs and finished my accounting degree. My father died from injuries in 76 from injuries from firefighting in Boise a yr after I came back from my 2 yr tour in the Vietnam war. I will not bad mouth you as I have no clue who you are ect. But I will add first find out about a person before you criticize them and why don’t you get off your easy chair and run for office, or are you like the rest of the people than complain about government but don’t do anything to change it. I have a very good retirement and I get social security in December, so I am not running for council for any benefit other than to try to reduce the waste and get the water tender at S 5 mile reopened and the station on chinden reopened. My life is a open book now and in the last 5 yrs when I meet a military person that has gone to our newest wars I ask if they have any mental problems from their experience, if they do and are not doing something about it, I tell them my story. In 2004 I went to Dallas Texas for my 13th back surgery from 3 injuries from firefighting, before surgery when I was all doped up the doc had asked my life story as he didn’t know me from adam. After the surgery he first said what kind of doctors do you have in Boise, as I was told here in 03 that there was nothing wrong with me and I should be working. My doc in Dallas said basically I feel for having spent a yr in bed for 21 hrs a day from pain drugs ect, I didn’t have a disc at lumbar 3-4 so it was vertibre on vertibre. Second he handed me an envelope sealed and said before I release you for work you will see a therapist. I found a great one, after 7 months she gave me the letter to read. In 73 serving my 2 yr tour in the Vietnam war, me and another guy were in the wrong place at the wrong time, I was only burned and beaten but the other guy was hung as another guy saved me. So up till 2004 I had survivors guilt, it took till 2008 that I was able to believe I couldn’t change the events, and I was at the wall a couple weeks ago paying my respects to him and all the other 58,179 Americans that came home to have their families bury them. I never asked the VA for any money as it happened so long ago and others need the help. The vets I have talked to that have had PTSD I tell them my story, when they say are you sure it will help, and I tell them it took me 4 yrs of conseling but I can sleep nights now without the nightmares and self medicating. So Mr. Landis before you criticize anyone why don’t you learn a little more about the person. Yes I am a former employee and in 91 I was Firefighter of the year and I lost my father from Firefighting, I am not pissed I am just more educated on how the fire service has operated.

  10. Paul, it will take more than $1400 to have any shot at winning. If you are not more serious about the race than that, you should consider dropping out and helping the other challenger.

  11. David B. Hall
    Oct 6, 2013, 1:21 am

    Cynic. I didn’t spend any money when I ran for Mayor of Boise and I still took 26% of the vote.
    Money isn’t everything, nor the end all be all of how to win a campaign.
    Paul already has my vote and he didn’t have to spend a dime to get it.
    Do ya get it?
    Whom ever is willing to spend the most money, should be the LAST person you let get into the job.

  12. This morning the Idaho Statesman opined that “Bonds are the most pragmatic way forward.” This is not true.
    Vote “No” on the proposed bond issue. In the 2014 budget, general fund revenues from property tax were projected at $118.5M. The debt payments will be about $2.6M in new property taxes per year for the next 20 years. There are other ways to fund these improvements. A reduction of just a little over 2% elsewhere in the general fund budget does the trick. It is time that the community had a chance to participate in real priority setting. Is there some other low priority activity that could be eliminated to fund new parks and fire training facilities? Probably. It’s the taxpayers’ money and we need to work smarter to deliver the best government at the least cost. It’s time to oppose incumbents and to elect a councilman that will challenge the status quo.
    Funny how the “way forward” copies the theme of the three councilmembers who have now formed their axis of incumbency. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  13. That is my view in this age when a person who has never ran for public office and now the 3 encumbents are running as a team. I have some friends that may loan me a lot of money, but to me as most people are busy with work, children in a off year election, it’s been shown voter turnout will be low unless people are really for or against the bond. When I met with Real Estate group, I was told that basically very knowledgable about fire service and I am. Yesterday was the 37th anniversity my father died from prior injuries he received at a fire in Boise. Then my 25 yrs on the department added to that knowledge. The reason I was asked to be on the negotiating team twice was my degree in accounting, I found money where a person has to look at all parts of revenue received by the city. Even though the present city council candidates as a team, I am running against one, Maryanne Jordon as she is the longest serving council person, and new council people look to her for answers.

    This is the point under her watch, Fire Administration is way top heavy and trimming this area can get more dollars to reopen a 3,000 gallon water tender that was shut down in October 1st 2011, but a Fire Chief with no one to manage stayed using approximately $100,000 a year of Whitney Fire District Money that Boises new Fire Chief Dennis Doan never spoke up that a Water Tender is Needed as in that area fire hydrants are not available in Boise, now the shutdown of North Ada’s fire station on Chinden Blvd. this is a tough one to bring back the 1.4 mil approximately needed to re man this as it’s location made it one of the busiest of the now 17 stations. This is my solution until money comes in as property values rise. Shutting down one of the 3 ladder company’s that rarely are used, by that I mean the ladders, firefighters, they are needed. So until revenues recover shutting down this piece of equipment that has a 4 man crew, 3 shifts, the station on Chinden could be opened and as the water tender.

    Next issue to save money, lets stop sending million plus dollar fire engines on medicals, buying 17 quality suv’s and locating them in each station, add medical gear, medical comes in, 2 firefighters go to the medical and should a fire call come in, the firefighter at the station drives the fire truck to the scene at normal speeds, lights but no siren, so at least he would bring one more person and the 5-700 gallons of water and any extra equipment. Since actual fires only equal 1-1.5 % where medicals are in the 60% the cost savings of wear and tear on a fire truck going on medicals will decrease adding revenue to the city budget as fire engines will not have to be replaced as often. Then getting rid of the 2 Fire Chiefs one at Whitney other at North Ada that have no firefighters and trimming a bloated fire management can bring back fire protection to 2009 levels, though a ladder company is out of service, when times get better then look at bring it back on line. My answer to keep all areas of Boise, Whitney and Garden City receiving the needed fire protection..

  14. Nan e mouse
    Oct 6, 2013, 2:23 pm

    OMG David. If your point is to win, spending little to no money is not a virtue. If you just want 26% of the vote Anybody But… can accomplish that.

  15. David B. Hall
    Oct 6, 2013, 6:27 pm

    Nan e mouse

    Oh ye of little understanding. What I did was amazing, even other politicians took notice.

    Tibbs who ran in the previous elections only took 22% while spending over $180k and he was well known.

    So you think what ever you want, the facts speak for themselves, even if you can’t understand why.

  16. Mr Mouse, my spending on this campaign is very conservative as that is how the city should be ran. Now that the 3 encumbents are running as a team, the amount of money they could raise and spend could only be matched by teaming with those people also running is not something I would consider.

    As the council is a part time job, so I believe it taks 4-5 yrs as an council person to learn all aspects of each department, if they were people who had worked for the city or had a lot of dealings with departments it could be a faster learning curve. That’s why I feel because that my father Roland Fortin who started work as a Boise Fire the same year I was born 1951 and died from injuries he sustained while firefighting and left this world Oct 5 1976. His first massive heart attack happened in 1969, he coded 3 times and even the docs were amazed he came back to the living but all us children saw a major change in the father we had before his heart attack. He went back to work but had to leave 2 1/2 yrs short of the 25 needed for full benefits in 1974. I was a lot luckier as I only had to have 13 back surgeries from 3 different events while on the job.

    So I believe I am a lot more qualified to share my knowledge on fire operations and the other 5 councilors can take other major city departments become qualified as the coucil person to share what they have learned so when budget time comes council members can listen to each council person who has become council person who has gained the most knowledge on that department. So for me I’ve almost lived firefighting fro the year I was born. Another area the city needs to do is have a rainy day fund as our state has, so that these fire stations that are ready to fall down any time according to the bond promoters. And again

    I am totally against this bond, until council and Mayor have done a through look at management and I know there are areas where departments can rid duplication or they can use present workers to take on more responsibilities and management will be leaner and function better when workers are not having to answer to only one supervisor. Again, no on the bond, business owners are going to be hit harder than home owners and all they can do is raise prices. Last issue leave the rubber hockey pucks they want for meters to basically get more revenue and give them to the Idaho Steelheads for practice.

  17. The comment section here has become worse than the stateman’s.

    Bill seems like a solid candidate. He has my vote solely based on his post here.


    And finally Dave’s 22% could possibly be completely related to the fact that he was just another option. People might be taking notice due to the fact the Mickey Mouse could of potential gotten 15% of the vote had he simply been on the ballot.

  18. I know Paul. He probably doesn’t remember me, but I know him.
    I was afraid this would happen when I first heard that he might run: he’d open his mouth.
    Unibomber style manifestos are not campaign platforms. Touting your career is great, but what about the things you don’t talk about.
    The Whitney chief and the North Ada stations are fire district business. It would be a violation of Idaho Statute and state Constitution for a City government to try to interfere with district decisions.
    You say you retired in 2005. Can you discuss the circumstances surrounding your “retirement” in 2001?

  19. David B. Hall
    Oct 9, 2013, 4:42 pm

    Adam, you need to work on your reading comprehension skills.

  20. I would like to respond to Mr Landis comment about my retirement. He states he knows me and my history about my retirement. First Mr Landis I assume you might be a friend of Mr Ross or know other firefighters. I do know that by legislature a fire district only as 2 ways of receiving income. Districts can only levee a fee of .0024 for fire protection or if growth allows for more revenue. Because Whitney is only approximately 9 sq miles and mainly residential there will come a time when Whitney’s Reserves will expended. The last report I was sent for 2010 there was a net (1/2 mil) decline. Unless you are actually sitting with the accountant that audits the year end results there are a lot of variables to deal with .e. what property Boise owns and Equipment and what Whitney also manages. You seem to be somewhat or perhaps very educated or were told what to write I don’t know as again, I have no clue who you are, so here is what I think you ought to post for everyone to know, your age, as ng can use any name to comment, your education, college degree and if you have one and area of study. As you seem to know things about me and my history, injuries, surgeries ect please enlighten the group with what you think you know. Now everyone is entitled to a opinion if that’s all it is, go ahead and tell everyone what you think you know about me that hasn’t been published. In my lifetime I have I have made a lot of mistakes and I have owned up to every one of them. So remember this opinions are one thing but statements made about someone that you can’t substantiate can be cause for taking someone to court for slander. If I was to write everything I know about present and past fire officials, some would be my opinion, but others as I learned to tape conversations with people I knew did not always tell the truth about incidents, I can back mine up with their words. Retired Chief Ross was a person I have on tape when I retired medically in 2001 and 2005. So either put up or shut up as you sound like the voice of some small kid who wasn’t picked to play on the swing set. This will be the last time I address you as you have no true knowledge about me except your opinion and you know about opinions that’s exactly what they are opinions. So to all unless Mr Landis wants to show fact and all the facts, I say quit crying in your beer and get a life.

    EDITOR NOTE–Time to call an end to the personal attacks. We allowed the previous comment only because it contained no specific charges and–importantly–Mr. Fortin is seeking a position of public trust and responsibility. Fortin and the previous commenter have reached the line for personal comments on the GUARDIAN.

  21. TJ Thompson..” increased sidewalks and bike lanes; improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists..”
    It sounds like he works is running for ACHD. I also take note that cycling safety doesn’t improve with a law (3feet to pass) that is unenforceable.

  22. Vote TJ Thomson Out of Office Before Things Get Out of Hand: Part 3
    Last night the North End Neighborhood Association graciously hosted the third Boise City Council candidates’ forum. The axis of incumbency has a new cause that is TJ Thomson priority for his next four years in office.
    TJ is going to use the power of business regulation to fight childhood obesity.
    That’s right, childhood obesity. Isn’t this Mrs. Obama’s initiative?
    His priority (was this in the 2013 citizen survey?) was revealed in his remarks at the first and second forums, but it was hard to take this seriously until last night when he outlined how it would be done.
    TJ’s plan is to strengthen the day care licensing regulations to require day care centers to provide nutritious food. And apparently this is going to happen with the other incumbents’ support – because after all – Mrs. Jordan wants to keep her team intact.
    I can’t imagine how this doesn’t increase the cost of daycare. Certainly moms and dads can take responsibility for feeding their kids and for demanding that the daycare center services they purchase include nutritious food in their services. That’s how the free market works.
    I guess TJ Thomson forgot that he doesn’t work for the federal government anymore.
    The incumbents have already raised your taxes, and want you to vote to raise more taxes to fund debt, and now they have another solution searching for a problem that is really the personal business of parents.
    If the voters put these social engineers back into office, then I guess they get the government they deserve.
    It is time to push back. It is time for them to go. Vote “No” “No” on the bonds and “No” to TJ Thomson by electing Bill Jarocki to City Council Seat #4.

  23. I do agree with Mr Jarocki that local government has enough problems to resolve that are local than to take on another government entity plans. I do want to apologize for not attending last nights north end forum. It was totally my fault I put in today’s date for the event. I am going to do my best to inform the North end on my positions on locall government and how I would better represent all of Boise than the present tax and spend Ms Jordan.

  24. Mayor Doesn’t Exactly Answer Questions on Bonds.

    Mayor Dave Bieter was one of three guests at the City Club of Boise today who were trying to convince the audience to join in support of bonded indebtedness to fund new parks, open space, firefighter training facilities and upgrades to fire stations. The Mayor and the incumbents running for re-election want voters to vote for more property taxes on November 5th to fund two separate debt issues.
    Together, voters will be paying $18,000,000 to borrow $32,000,000.
    About half of the total $50,000,000 price tag will pay for open space (to be determined) and park development (also to be determined). Since we don’t know exactly what our return on investment will be, if this group is re-elected we will just have to trust that they have our best interests in mind, right?
    The Mayor makes a good point in saying that if the word gets out on the open space purchase targets, the prices will spike from speculation. I get that.
    But, fundamentally, trust is the issue. This is the Mayor that in the City’s Budget document stated that “(t)he Mayor’s office is preparing to launch a public process that will review priority projects and help determine possible alternative approaches to funding and/or implementing these projects.” [page ii]
    Did we miss something? Nope, Lucy moved the ball when Charlie Brown ran up to kick it, again. The public meetings were on the proposed bond projects, and it seems that there weren’t “alternative approaches to funding” as promised.
    Let’s send the city council back to the drawing board. Does this city council miss the point when it comes to public trust? Yes, yes.
    On November 5th we have a choice. We can re-elect the axis of incumbency or you can vote for a man who will demand and/or offer alternative approaches to funding our priorities. Vote for a voice of reason on the city council. Vote for Bill Jarocki for Council Seat #4.
    And while you’re at it, vote “No, No” on the bond issues.

  25. Mr Jarocki makes some great points, and new blood and ideas are needed on the council. I am running for seat 6, as council person Maryanne Jordon who was appointed to this seat in 2003 has no proactive ideas on problems facing Boise. Her answer after closing a fire station and a 3,000 gallon Water Tender, both needed for their locations, is oh well what happens happens. In her 11 yrs Boise takes the max increase in property tax and last yr Boise Fire and Police gave up 1.4 million in raises to help the city.

    Maryanne is using it to remodel City Hall,and to remove every thing Mayor Kempthrone spent millions having to in place the fountain, the flags ect. but now Ms Jordon is doing Chicken Little, The Sky is falling the Sky is falling. If the bond for Fire improvements is so needed, why didn’t she push to use the 1.4 million given up by Fire and Police to fix these Fire Stations. Other articles I have written on this site shows how we can reverse her poor decision making without costing the taxpayers 1 Cent. Please review and read, Every one needs to retire sometime, and its her time before we lose more Fire Stations making the time to respond on these incidents a lot longer than the 6 minutes that Fire and Medical use to save a life, get to a fire. Fire doubles every 45 seconds, the people off of S. 5 mile may still have a liviable home, after a fire in March of 2012, as the water tender was shut down.

    There are too many Chiefs and not enough Firefighters. Boise can not afford M-A Jordons choices on how to spend our taxpayers money. She thinks we work for her, buy I know I will be working for you. On open space and parks I am all for it, and if M-A Jordon was a fiscal conservative we wouldn’t even need these bonds, and there is still time to get back our Fire Station and Water Tender with savings from instead of using 2 million dollar Fire Engines on the 16,000 medical calls, lets outfit each station with an SUV, faster, cheaper, and only 2 FireFighters/EMT’s need to respond as the Ada County Paramedics will send 2 of their personel to the medical. Then should there be a fire, the 3rd firefighter at the station, should there be a fire, just put the lights on and drive non code to the fire, other firefighters finish the medical then they can respond. Kids deserve parks, we all want open space in the foothills. Should the same council people be re-elected which I hope doesn’t happen as I know your smart people, but I will vote for the bond on parks and open space, but NO on fire station remodels. Thank You Paul E. Fortin, Candidate Seat 6, Boise City Council

  26. I am running against incumbent Quintana for Seat 2, and encourage everyone in Boise to get out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5. I have grown to know and like Jill Humble, Bill Jarocki, and Paul Fortin throughout this campaign, and I hope to have also left a good impression on them.
    I stand for real, progressive change, strong environmental policy, equality for ALL (read: homeless) residents, and to make a stand against money in politics.
    It’s time for new blood, and all 4 of us running against the incumbents are smart, passionate, and educated.
    Get out and vote, encourage your friends to vote, and vote for new ideas!
    Tyler Smith, candidate for Boise City Council Seat 2

  27. I met Tyler at the first forum at the Boise City Library. After his opening statements about his life ect, I told him after the forum as hes only 34 that he was getting a 4 yr degree as Ive too have learned, a lot about how forums work, the money factor ect. Maybe not this year, but some year, if he trys running again for anything political he will know the ropes, and I am proud to say I hope I have made a friend with this young man. Myself, I am one term then gone as I would be 64 next time around for City Council elections. I would just like the people of Boise to go vote, whomever they choose on their ballot. Because Boise City has done a terrible job managing the tax payers dollars, there would be no bonds on the election if Boise leaders didn’t spend the last penny they collect.I am not going to see a child or family denied a park or open space so I will vote yes on that bond. The Fire Bond is a Fiasco, Why hasn’t Boise leaders set aside money for when annexations happen all the services are in place. The Fire Bond No, M-N Jordon in her 11 yrs has no dollar amount or even if or where a training grounds are needed. Most of the area at Shoreline drive where they train is for fixing fire trucks, so lets build or use existing space out by the animal shelter to repair fire engines, then as the building presently is used to fix fire apparatus could be taken down and then there should be plenty of space to train. Boise fire has 16 fire stations for firefighting/emergency medical call outs. Northada, Whitney are all Boise firefighters now through contract negotiations. So a fire in Hidden Springs will take a minimum of the 3 closest fire stations engines, 2 nd alarm 2 more engines and another ladder company and Battalion Chief and safety officer. There 16000 medical calls now mean if a person needs help at Hidden Springs Station 2 on Cartwright will go unless somewhere else. So lets buy 16 SUV’s and have 2 firefighters respond a medical as 2 paramedics will show up at the scene. Then if a fire, the other firefighter could drive the engine their following Idaho law on driving, and then have extra water and a man. Citizens do the math 2 mil fire engine or 30,000 SUV to take the pounding of driving high speeds and its faster going up hills. M-A Jordan an appointed person to the council in 03 is reactive not proactive. Thanks Paul Fortin Seat 6 candidate

  28. There are six people talking to themselves here.

  29. why have none of these people running for office spoken about the abuses of the boise police? seems like a hot topic since there is no ombudsman and the proletarian public have increasing conflicts with these people.

  30. Votes split more than two ways nearly always mean the incumbent wins. You have those for the incumbent and those against the incumbent. More than two candidates means those against the incumbent have more than one choice.

    Too bad those running against can’t figure this out.

  31. TF Boy, this is a forum for candidates and constituents to talk about this election. The fact that you responded makes me realize that you were reading, and therefore we are not just talking to ourselves. I personally just want to share my politics with readers, whether they comment or not, so that the people of Boise have a good idea of who they are voting for or against.
    L.D., I am passionate about a great many issues, so it’s hard to cover everything. If you have a question, just fire away! I am particularly concerned about police abuses, and I suspect that the incumbents will not address this, as they all work for the city together. I am a member of the ACLU, and an important aspect of personal liberties is keeping the police in check.
    Please contact us if anybody is curious!

  32. Fire bond, No, open land/ parks yes, M-A Jordon, tax and spend, tax and spend, Boise City needs new ideas and shouldn’t need bonds. Look at other challengers running, they have great ideas also.

  33. Vote the incumbents OUT before we are taxed to the point that we cannot afford to live here!

  34. I know my mom who’s in assisted living, my 3 sisters who help their grandchildren are hurt by any tax increase, I still don’t know why they didn’t do open space and parks like the 2 yr Levi used last time, no interest charge. I think the time has come to make council 8 seats by district of 25,000 and must live in district. It should break up the lets follow General D Custer any direction he wants the council to vote. Paul

  35. I hope that you will encourage your circle to go and vote on Tuesday. There is much at stake for Boise residents. Boise property taxes are already the highest in the valley and the 2 proposed bonds, if passed, will add more to the tax bills than anyone realizes (and more than has been set out in their advertising). Going into debt is the wrong move.

    I will be voting NO on both bond proposals – there is no emergency and certainly no reason to go into debt and spend at least $16 Million on interest alone. IF more parks and open space are needed, those could be funded over time without going into debt. The proposed bond to build a fire training facility is particularly troublesome as I have been heavily involved in emergency management and planning for about 8 years and I question the need for such a facility to replace the existing training facilities. Even IF the new fire training facility was needed, the facility should be built through a cooperative effort with the other cities in the county, Ada County and probably the state for joint use, not funded solely by Boise taxpayers.

    As to the Boise City council races, the current city council is controlled by Mayor Bieter and goes along with anything he wants (including the 20% increase in salary that he wanted earlier this year). Even though we have been in a recession with many people losing their jobs, struggling to hang onto their homes and/or struggling to pay their bills, Boise city has raised property taxes every single year! The incumbents have clearly shown their “tax and spend” mentality! All three Boise city council incumbents need to go as we cannot afford their relentless tax increases and accordingly, I plan to vote for Bill Jaroki, Paul Fortin and Tyler Smith.

    The Boise Mayor and council waste far too much of our tax dollars. Just a few examples: For each of the last 3 years, Boise has paid $10,000 per year to one of Bieter’s pals to be “available” as a lobbyist under a contract that also would pay him an additional $500 per day for actually lobbying. According to the City’s records (which are sparse), Bieter’s pal has been paid $30,000 even though no work has been done. I obtained copies of emails showing that Bieter’s pal offered to help the City and Bieter for free and that he hasn’t provided services – so why is Boise paying him $10,000 each year?
    Another example: Boise recently mailed out thousands of invitations to the “Bieter Ball” (which is nothing more than a publicity party for Bieter) without including the date of the event on the invitations and then spent more of our tax dollars with a second mailing to provide the date of the event! It is easy to find plenty of examples of wasted tax dollars but then this message would be far too long…….

    Please help spread the word………….

  36. Rebecca, I don’t know who you are, but you were wrong by a wee bit, the bond will cost 22 million in interest, but the present establishment playing follow the leader as Dave plays his flute are taking all us taxpayers over the cliff. Great to see you have followed the election. Ms Jordon just throws out a number on the fire bond, and is clueless where to build it, and I don’t think its needed if they moved the maintenance facility out to city shops, open up a lot more area to train. It was built with concrete slabs to be taken down. But the 3 maintenance captains don’t want to work around city mechanics that make half or less than the fire mechanics that test for the position, get above 70 and you 2 can work on fire trucks, but its not a open test, only for firefighters. A position in fire prevention is making over 120,000 with benefits and never passed one test after getting on the department, another bait and switch with union and management

  37. Bill; where is the Bill Jarocki election watch party tonight? I would like to attend. (I suggest a good bar in SE boise or downtown)

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