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Boise Councilors Stay, Bond Debt Goes

At 11:30 p.m. Tuesday it looks like the Three Musketeers of the Boise City Council–TJ Thomson, Marryanne Jordan, and Ben Quintana–easily retained their seats.

It also looks like both the Fire Safety and Parks Open Space bonds failed once the precinct results began coming in. The votes “bought” with direct mail absentee ballot request forms paid off for the YES-YES campaign, but not well enough to overcome the sixty-six and 2/3 percent needed to become law. It was still a tight race late Tuesday.

While the proponents peaked early, there was a subtle shift in public opinion as election day drew near. The mainstream media interviewed several opponents and repeatedly noted the campaign slogan of $1 a month was not very accurate as they pointed out the $18 million in interest and a $50 million overall debt request.

The GUARDIAN will have more on the election Wednesday.

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  1. With a new face in Nampa too.

  2. Glad to see the folks finally stood up to this tax and spend city government. Maybe the mayor needs to look at his budgeting process and use it properly to pay for fire station upgrades and replacements.

  3. Thanks to the challengers who tried. Government only works when there is competition and consequences.

  4. One thought is if we didn’t REelect the incumbents perhaps we would not have to face the question of a bond election.

    Wasteful spending by the city council creates the problem. Boise City has had lots of money in the past 20 years.

  5. One thing that never gets reported— how many other states mandate a supermajority for bond passage? And if there are states with simple majority requirements, do they put a cap on indebtedness relative to annual revenue?

    Personally, I’m fine with the two bond measures failing. However, the nay voters votes are worth 1.6 times the yea voters in every such election. This is patently undemocratic. Voting twice is a misdemeanor right? But not voting 1.6 times.

    In other words, what if a bond measure required a 66.6% no vote to fail? Can you imagine how many of you would cry foul?

    EDITOR NOTE–It is SUPPOSED to be hard to pass. Constitutional amendments have a supermajority. The council itself requires a supermajority to dismiss the ombudsman for instance. The majority is for those who VOTE, not registered voters. If a simple majority consisted only of those willing to follow the affluent who waged YES YES, it would amount to a tiny fraction of those entitled to vote. There are many arguments for the supermajority. One thing it does is force politicos to reevaluate issues and come back to ask permission if it fails. If a bond passes, there is no going back…if it fails officials can beat us to death until they get what they want. The supermajority is a logical safeguard when viewed in the big picture.

  6. I was mistaken. It seems that voting twice is a felony.

    Interesting article here:

  7. Rod in SE Boise
    Nov 6, 2013, 12:47 pm

    So, am I going to have to buy my own fire truck to protect my house? Tea Party-ism is causing our society to crumble.

  8. Tax and spend government? Wasteful spending? This state is clearly drinking way too much tea…

    Issuing debt is one of the only ways local government in Idaho can finance projects. Cities and counties rely on G.O. and revenue bonds across the country to complete needed projects. The shortsightedness and tax-me-not attitude will have long-term consequences for Idaho/Boise competitiveness. We need to start realizing that we must pay for the infrastructure and services we use, and for the things that make our community more livable and enjoyable.

  9. Nan e mouse
    Nov 6, 2013, 6:29 pm

    Tea partyism Rod? Can you be any less serious?

    Do you not now have a fire station to serve you in SE Boise? Did the city close the one on Gekeler? Did they close the one at Harris Ranch? How bout the one on Reserve which can shoot straight down Broadway? How about the one near the airport that can shoot down federal way?

    Yeah Rod, do us all a favor. Buy your own fire truck.

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