Ada Commishes Need To Rein In Racing Slots

Horse race in Boise, Idaho. horse, race, jocky, competition, ride, track, run, sport, turf, jockeyThe latest euphemism for SLOT MACHINE GAMBLING is a proposal to install hundreds of slot machines at Les Bois Park’s Turf Club under the guise of “Historical Horse Racing.”

It may be a “sure bet,” but not for the sucker who thinks he can outsmart a computer game based on a previously run horse race. Calling these video slot machines a game of knowledge based on past historical events is like calling video poker a skillful lesson in mathematical skills.

It’s a “sure bet” for proprietor Treasure Valley Racing, LLD., to lighten the wallets of gamblers. That means it isn’t a “game of skill” even when you call a video slot machine a “self-serve video terminal.”

To their credit, the Ada Commishes are holding a public meeting at the court house Tuesday, November 26 at 6:00 p.m.–mostly to accommodate the Garden City Councilors who oppose the slots and to take the temperature of citizens.


An Informational Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, November 26 at 6:00 p.m. by the Board of Ada County Commissioners, for the purpose of allowing public comment on Treasure Valley Racing, LLC’s proposal to bring historical horse racing to Les Bois Park. This meeting will be held in the Ada County Courthouse, Commissioners Public Hearing Room at 200 W. Front St., Boise, first floor.

Historical horse racing was authorized by the Idaho Legislature and signed into law by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter earlier this year. Treasure Valley Racing, LLC, Ada County’s tenant at Les Bois Park, manages live and simulcast horse racing, and has proposed the addition of historical horse racing in the Turf Club at Les Bois Park. Historical horse racing is similar to the existing simulcast racing, but allows patrons to bet on previously run races via self-serve video terminals, where statistical information similar to that provided for live race betting is available. Treasure Valley Racing has also requested permission to remodel the Turf Club at Les Bois Park.

In addition to Commissioners, others expected to be in attendance at the Informational Meeting include Expo Idaho staff and officials from Treasure Valley Racing. The Commissioners have also extended an invitation to Garden City officials to attend.

Citizens wishing to learn more about this proposal and voice their comments on historical horse racing at Les Bois Park are encouraged to attend this Informational Meeting.

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  1. Hey BG, it is not gambling, it is called “gaming” by those who are pushing this stuff.

    The reality is not unlike people who think they can time the stock market… you know, those day traders who think they can beat wall street by using their mystical skills to beat Wall Street. It is a fools errand.

    Same for he “gaming” video machines.

    The forces behind legalized gambling are more predatory than a payday loan outfit. They are selling the notion “you could be the next big winner”. Self destructive behavior knows no limits and the only question is… do we try to save fools and idiots from themselves?

  2. Diane Sower
    Nov 16, 2013, 5:25 am

    We’re not Nevada, not to say they haven’t good qualities, but we don’t need gambling in Idaho. We could certainly fix other things, like the crap Tom Luna is putting teachers through, an extra 62 things to do in their spare time!!

  3. Rod in SE Boise
    Nov 16, 2013, 1:07 pm

    Gambling should be legal everywhere.

  4. quoting Hillary Clinton ” what difference does this make?”

  5. I really do think the lotto and lottery and scratch and sniff cards are plenty of gambling in Idaho. If you really want to lose more money Jackpot is not that far to travel and lay your money down.

    I worked with some people back when I was a lad of 19 who insisted they were winners at Las Vegas ALL THE TIME!. I asked them if their system was so good then why are they still working at a real job. I never did get that question answered.

    I figured out a long time ago that I am a gracious winner but a very poor loser and as such I tend to shy away from sure bet losing propositions.

  6. Rod–I agree. But not run by the government or on government-owned property. If it’s private enterprise.. go for it.

  7. Gambling will never be legal in Idaho, it competes with the state run monopolistic gambling enterprise.

    Liquor distribution won’t be private either, it competes with the government run monopoly.

    Last trip to Vegas, liquor was 30-40% cheaper at Costco than the Idaho liquor stores. Not only a state run monopoly, a price gouging one too.

    Politicians love to talk about how they favor smaller government, especially our dear republicans, but none ever do it. I suppose they are so arrogant they think they will make the best decisions the state will ever see, so smaller government should be the task of their less enlightened successors.

  8. It will boost tourism and attract better horses at Les Bois racetrack.What are we supposed to do just work and give all our money to Barack Obama.F#@& him.Just be responsible and dont ruin you life.

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