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We don’t normally highlight links, but his just takes a minute. Our thanks to Conan for proving our point about substance over form. He leads off with Boise’s KBOI CHATTER.

Actually, one of the reasons we don’t have new items every day is because there simply isn’t anything worth commenting about.

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  1. Nan e mouse
    Dec 29, 2013, 3:47 pm

    And that’s why I don’t watch local news, but why I do read the guardian!

  2. The news media has become so intelligent!

  3. I have a friend who calls it the NO NEWS-NEWS and has pretty much tuned out all the mind clutter offered. I used to think a top 40 DJ was one of the worst jobs, now it has to be news casters and anchors on TV. Newspapers offer little in the way of news. At least the Obituary page lets us keep up with people we may know who have come to the end of their lives.

  4. Where did the story originate? Obviously this isn’t a coincidence. They’re just rehashing some GMA or Today Show story. This is done all the time. A good chunk of local news is AP, UPI and Reuters stories.

    If they went after hard local news all the time, they would quickly be out of business because it would only take a year or two to p*ss off every last person in town. And reporters would lose their access to big scoops like BSU games and coaches and whatnot.

  5. Surprised that you can’t find several things a day to comment on! Politicians and government agencies provide lots of opportunities!

  6. It seems that most “stories” that generate discussion get cut off fairly quickly….case in point chief updates copper capers…..only lasted 3 days and 19 comments….

  7. Grumpy ole guy
    Dec 30, 2013, 8:20 pm

    It is a very sad statement that in our corporate/consumer driven world our so-called news reports do absolutely NO news investigations of their own, because there appears to be no actual news staff, only the talking heads on camera. Maybe the “no news is good news”, slogan has been been adopted as their philosophy and mantra? Or, 1984 has been fully implemented? Or, we now get what we deserve.
    If we do not stand up and demand real news we are at fault.

  8. thanks for what you do, i get most of my local news of import from you as I feel the other media in town is just a PR machine for government, and not really the balance they are supposed to be.

  9. other media takes the PR releases from team dave and publishes it as “news”

  10. Ryan McGill
    Jan 16, 2014, 2:02 pm

    News and Follow-ups Ideas:

    Huge new holes dug up for rocks along the flood plain west of Garden City (still part of Boise, I think—-east of the Water Shed) What might they do with acres of holes? Reclaim? Develop? Maybe the Snow Terrain Park Guy can build his wakeboard park.

    Continued issues with Eagle Island State Park and the Mystery of the Gravel Mine. (Knipe?)

    Follow up on the prohibition of alcohol on a navigable river. (really? claim the river as part of the city?) If they claim the whole river then shouldn’t the river comply with the Americans with Disability Act?

    Excessive surveillance anywhere in Ada County.

    More on BPD’s use of the MRAP.

    Talk of bigger dams on the Boise to feed people’s yards….that live in a desert.

    Boise River water quality from Barber Dam to the city of Eagle.

    How are things going at Blacks Creek Reservoir? Is that Boise out there?

    -Ryan McGill

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