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Its silly season with the legislature in town making us all proud to live in Idaho and see these folks for what they are.

Here are some recent gripes:
–Senators were spiteful and fool hearted when the voted to change their rules for one day, just to keep former Senator Nicole LeFavour off the floor. LeFavour didn’t even know she was allowed on the floor.

—-We have no complaint about citing the gay protesters who blocked the senate entrance. No different than any group blocking a sidewalk or roadway. State police should be applauded for the manner in which they handled the arrests. No push and shove or pepper spray. No handcuffs. They merely asked each protester to go upstairs where they were issued a ticket.

–Some legislator wants to make it legal to discriminate under the false guise of “religious freedom.” Basically the bill would allow people to not follow the law if it was for religious reasons.

–Then there is the candidate for Guv who wants to allow college kids to carry guns on the campus. However, they can’t take them into the dorms or facilities seating more than 1,000.

–Another legislator wants to change the constitution to knock the Attorney General from the state Land Board.

–Meanwhile the state treasurer fritters away $27 million with questionable investments from cities which were commingled with state funds and they want him to be a member of the Land Board.

And not to be outdone…

–The State Land Board, Jerome County Commishes, and Twin Falls City Councilors are all in a pissing contest about how many and which current daredevils should be licensed to celebrate Evel Kneveil’s crash into the Snake River. That story was as big as Chobani selling poisoned Yogurt.

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  1. Rod in SE Boise
    Feb 5, 2014, 1:20 pm

    The Guardian forgot to mention that it still looks like they are not going to expand Medicaid and are going to let all that Idaho taxpayer money go to some other state.

    It also looks like thay are not going to add the words. To them, religious freedom means the freedom to discriminate and be bigots.

    What they are doing is making Idaho a laughing stock, like Mississippi.

  2. Litigatorist
    Feb 5, 2014, 2:36 pm

    On getting the AG off of the land board, remember, he is the one who sued himself and if I am not mistaken, as AG, he would be the one to defend against the suit. Hmmmmmm – could there be a conflict of interest here. Yes, and now the others are too afraid of him to do their jobs as land board members.

  3. Is there more to the story on the Idaho State Treasurer accepting the full loss on the mortgage backed securities instead of letting the individual cities take the losses?

    Did the Treasurer feel that the million plus citizens of the state were in a better position to suffer a loss instead of small cities?

    A loss was going to happen on the investments. We all learned this after the Great Recession took trillions of dollars due to faulty mortgage backed securities. Exactly who could best weather the loss was apparently the decision of the Treasurer.

  4. Interested Citizen
    Feb 5, 2014, 7:37 pm

    While not a Boise issue, how about the case of “mistaken identity” and apparent wrongful prosecution and wrongful conviction by the Canyon County Prosecutor in, I believe the year 2000, and now authorities are reexamining this case after the woman has been imprisoned for many years!!!!!

    The facts are not all in yet, but how about a multi-million settlement to remedy their ineptitude, ignorance, and carelessness???

    Does this case speak to “Injustices in Canyon County”???

  5. Guardian, I think your perception of the “free to discriminate” bill in a bit off kilter. The bill would NOT allow people to not follow the law if it was for religious reasons.

    Rather it creates a law where there is no law currently.

    A baker could refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple if they so choose- without the threat of a lawsuit. There is no current law that says you have to bake a cake for anyone.

    No shirt, no shoes, no service.

    “Add the words” and you have:
    No shirt, no gays, no shoes, no service.

    Just saying… doesn’t make anything right. This bill is just as dumb as the Add the Words bill, IMO.
    Certainly not gonna pass, but the bill is just equally chaotic as the Add the Words bill… so does that mean those two bills have “equal rights”? Ha!

  6. I don’t think “the Senators were spiteful and fool hearted”— instead the MAA simply knew the rules. LeFavour had a right to be there and an arrest or relocation would have violated the rule.
    Suspend the rule, by following the procedure, and carry on.

    Kudos big time to the MAA!

  7. Grumpy ole guy
    Feb 6, 2014, 12:25 am

    With respect Guardian, a list of foolishness of the Legislature is really a nearly impossible task. An admirable start of the high points, certainly, but, really, no where and no way is it possible to be truly comprehensive at this still early stage of the errr, game.

    EDITOR NOTE–I was laying the ground work for the explanation for my continuing bad attitude, even though the inversion has lifted. Tahiti is next stop for me!

  8. regarding the GBAD announcement with new convention space…GREAT NEWS for all of Boise! this Gardner group is REALLY, really like a Santa Claus…maybe too good to be true. so all those people who are going to complain that the GROVE is public space and should NOT be put to office/convention space…if it brings revenue to the City and promotes the community – i say its all good. crossing my fingers that the convention space is NOT fragmented where event people steer away…REMEMBER: just because you build it-doesn’t guarantee they will come! its NOT because you have BIG space – its because it WORKS! you know someone will be keeping an eye on EXACTLY how many BIG events are booked due to the expansion! YESTERDAY the BIG HOLE filled – today the TRANSIT hub – TOMORROW the trolley…and NEXT WEEK the baseball stadium. Snow has finally come to Bogus…who knows – maybe Gardner has a direct line to Mother Nature!!!! WOOWOO!

  9. Re the guns on campus issue: Does that mean that GPAS would mean “Guns Pointed At Students”?

  10. Grumpy ole guy
    Feb 6, 2014, 4:43 pm

    Ivan, maybe Team Dave will return Municipal Park to its old use as a baseball field to complete the cycle?

  11. Dave Kangas
    Feb 6, 2014, 8:12 pm

    For got to mention the idea that the federal government should turn over all public land to the state. Get in line for the biggest land grab ever! We’ll need a large mop bucket for the drool from the well healed and connected.

    EDITOR NOTE–Today one of those short sighted, @#$%^& legislators proposed to do away with the federal EPA so miners could dredge the Salmon River!

  12. GOG, Then the trolley will have to extend to the Warm Springs Avenue area…Mayor will be able to take the trolley to work than a game. LOL!

  13. Easterner,

    You’re way off on your interpretation of the RFRA Amendment. WAY OFF.

    There’s a reason over 500 people came to testify in opposition. There’s a reason the City of Boise, a number of local religious leaders and churches, NNU, Idaho Education Association, the ACLU, local Christians, a number of local attorneys, and dozens of other local groups and individuals DID NOT support this bill.

    There’s a reason the AG’s office said that both bills are likely unconstitutional.

    There’s a reason that the bill sponsor, Luker, decided to change the wording in the bill after testimony (even though that didn’t really change the discrimination aspect of the bill).

    But hey, you go on believing your mistaken interpretation of this bill.

  14. Re: The Riggins legislator introducing a bill to nullify all EPA rules not authorized through Congress; this is another bill produced by the corporate bill mill of the Koch brothers’ American Legislative Exchange Council. Similar bills have been introduced in Oklahoma and Arizona and will be introduced in Montana.

    It is a disturbing trend in Idaho politics. ALEC provides “scholarships” to state legislators across the country where they are handed suggested legislation ALEC would like passed at the state level. This results in Idaho legislators not thinking for themselves but rather becoming vessels for the ALEC driven agendas.

    Search public lands and ALEC. Then pull up the two resolutions introduced last year. ALEC ‘ S proposed language is identical to the language in Idaho’s resolutions.

    Do additional searches of Idaho legislation and ALEC and you will see the trend.

  15. Teej, thanks for your helpful insight.

  16. well… history has proven time and time again, that when “leaders” fail to effectively lead. They are over-thrown, and most times violently.
    We are frantically heading in that direction, and I for one welcome the day.

  17. 2nd amendment or not
    Feb 14, 2014, 3:18 pm

    Well as to the individual suggesting weapons should be brought on campus…….either the 2nd amendment applies or it doesn’t apply. Why are there specific areas that seem to be exempt from the policies instituted by the United States Constitution. For any ONE individual to suggest that only certain “types” of people should be allied to carry a weapon, I humbly suggest that no one human being should have the power to decide that issue. The current debate is a no brainer. This is a right given allowed us by the framers of the Constitution. This country is being forced to abide by the policies of the liberal progressives who seem to have found their way in to all areas of politics and law enforcement despite the obvious disgust that the average citizen or police officer may have for their “spokesman”. Politicians are paid to represent the people…not force their own personal views down the citizens throats. as for police administrators that seem to think they put their pants on a little differently than the common man: your arrogance is appalling. You are paid to enforce the law. PERIOD. Keep your personal opinions to yourself and do your stinking job. And i do mean stinking. Double standards may fly at the 7/11 counter but I pay your salary and pension. Remember that the next tinge you think your opinion matters.

  18. LD… it will never happen… too many laws on the books no for it to come about

  19. Rick,
    Your right, in part. There are too many laws on the books, and there in lies the problem. Our country’s laws sound like the bad side effects listed from any T.V. commercial drug add. We have become a nation that is so full of laws, that it is impossible to live past the age of 25 without breaking at least one.
    There are many of us Vets who are disgusted with the way this country, (and state) are circling the drain morally, and legally. Someday, maybe not within the decade, but soon in comparison to the age of the country, we will have a revolution. And freedom, TRUE freedom will once again be given to everyone, and not just those who can buy it. (but as history has shown us, that too won’t last).

  20. Interested Citizen
    Feb 17, 2014, 2:35 pm

    And, how about a meaningful response from Mayor Bieter and/or Chief Masterson why the results, details, and facts surrounding the investigation by the Feds of the BPD are concealed, rather than revealed and openly disclosed???

  21. Interested Citizen
    Feb 17, 2014, 2:43 pm

    Second Amendment:

    Well said, and I second your sentiments!!!!

  22. $27M loss? How is this possible the market is up 120% since the 08-09 bottom. Fire that fool!

  23. Interested Citizen
    Feb 20, 2014, 9:35 am


    It was bonds, not stocks. You are referring to stock market recovery.

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