Job Losses Prove You Can’t Buy Prosperity

Sitting in New Zealand where the minimum wage is set to jump to the US$ equivilant of $12 an hour and reading of recently announced losses of at least 1800 jobs in Idaho, it is obvious you can’t buy prosperity.

It looks like there will be 1600 jobs leaving with the closure of a call center, 200 at the Nampa Simplot plant, and even more if the Air Guard loses the A-10 mission.

New Zealand has an extremely high standard of living, but also high prices–higher than most can afford.

We won’t dazzle you with numbers, but folks in NZ seem to have a much more equal distribution of wealth–fewer rich and fewer poor.

Like Idaho they crave development and seek big companies to locate here. Bottom line, everything is expensive and jobs are tight.

Iin Idaho we need to brace for a bunch of folks on unemployment and future defaults on car and home payments. Attracting business with “incentives” is folly. If they wish to pay a fair wage and full tax rates, welcome to Idaho. If they need welfare, better look elsewhere.

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  1. You are exactly right Dave… believe I said that? Some of the businesses that moved in because they were given all the tax breaks have complained about a lack of “skilled” workers here. Rather than train people from here they import their workers from the old plant in cali instead of the state seeing more $$ from taxes on the business owner we get the benefit of no new jobs for people from here… just the influx of people and all the problems that come with them.

    Any idea if the call center and Simplot are relocating or what? If they are relocating I say they should be paying the unemployment for the workers they have decided to leave high and dry… not the rest of us… put some responsibility on the money sucking profit mongers…..

  2. Simplot is closing food processing plants across the state and consolidating processing activities at a newly constructed plant in Caldwell.

    The out of state owners of the call center are playing the ACA blame game while taking employee training dollars and employee recruiting through state sponsored job fairs. They will be back at well at the end of August when the call center ramps up for the next ACA enrollment period in the fall.

  3. The “money sucking profit mongers” as you put it, are the drivers of economic growth, wealth creation, jobs, our standard of living as well as the division of labor that creates all the varied products and services we all enjoy every single day. Without them, the country as we know it ceases to exist. Perhaps we can gouge all of them to the point that all industry leaves the country, just to satisfy those who errantly believe that the Government has some prior right to the earnings and property of businesses.

    Tax breaks are not “welfare”, because it’s NOT the Governments money to begin with – either for people or businesses. And business should pay zero taxes. Why? Because all businesses are, is a collection of people pursuing a common business objective. And ALL of the people within the business are taxed already, and all “profits” given via bonuses, distributions or dividends are taxed already. And our current policy of double taxation is toxic and unnecessary, and make high wage increasingly difficult in the world economy we now live in.

    Idaho would do well to continue to foster a pro-business climate. I know of businesses closing down operations in CA precisely because the arrogant parasites in the CA legislature think they have rights to rape those who pull the wagon. So they leave. Many are coming here – others to Nevada.

    No, you can’t buy prosperity. Even more importantly, you can’t tax, spend or borrow your way to it either. You have to earn it the old fashioned way. And having an environment where businesses can operate more efficiently than elsewhere gives one a needed competitive advantage, that more than ever, we need in this country and in our State.

  4. Duh! This was predicted since the day the chainsaws fell silent.

    Only democrats and stupid people think core manufacturing and natural resource harvesting can be replaced with an office plaza and a hotel.

  5. On economic topics: Our political leaders are sellouts. Their inability to give straight answers to the following questions will spotlight who they actually work for: 1)Why are we paying $100 for OPEC oil when we have been a mercenary-military protecting them from their insane neighbors for 40 years? 2)Why do we use our gigantic military to protect crappy little countries which then steal our manufacturing jobs? 3)Why are we paying $100 for oil when we are nearly the worlds largest oil producer and a net exporter of refined petrol products? 4)If coal is so bad for the global environment, why do I see trainloads heading to be exported 24/7? 5)Tell us how Canada has continued to produce timber products without reaching the environmental doomsday which our forest service scientists predicted?

  6. Rod in SE Boise
    Mar 2, 2014, 3:50 pm

    Those 1600 call center jobs were temporary to begin with.

  7. Zippo how can you possibly blame Democrats. Idaho doesn’t have any.
    Only democrats and stupid people. Seems you need to rethink what you just said.

  8. Interested Citizen
    Mar 4, 2014, 12:05 pm

    To listen to many of the Libs, such as Nancy Pelosi, a dollar of govie bennies such as food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, and other tranfer payments, is equal to the same dollar of revenue from a real, private sector business!!

    How does this twisted sister form of economics attract the Libs??

  9. Robertb… RINO = Dem. Also, think bigger than Idaho. Lastly, don’t distract from the questions which they all fear someone will ask them on live TV.

  10. Interested Citizen: One reason (amongst others) is our schools: My daughter is a Sr in college. In her first day in International Econ, her professor told her that concerns about money printing by the Fed were stupid, and the country can print all the money it needs, AND that folks like Ron Paul were idiots for chastising the Fed and the Government for doing so. Imagine…..a guy teaching upper division econ, at a very reputable college, saying such indefensible nonsense. And it happens every day. Indoctrination and propaganda runs rampant everywhere: schools, media and in politics, and even Nobel Prize winning economists like Paul Krugman. No wonder we’re in trouble, and it’s only getting worse. Cheers!

  11. So NZ has a higher minimum than Idaho and higher prices than most people can afford?

    You don’t say?

    Did you get any pictures of that to show liberal Idahoans?

  12. Interested Citizen
    Mar 6, 2014, 7:40 pm

    The idea that one can legislate prosperity is a leftist maxim!!

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